What is the best program to delete duplicate files in Windows?

It is normal that with the passage of time and the constant use of electronic devices, they get dirty and require maintenance to return to work in their most optimal states. And we do not refer only to external cleaning but also internal cleaning, the software of the devices. Therefore, know which is the best program to delete duplicate files in Windows.

How Windows “software” gets dirty 

It is necessary to understand that the Windows operating system  can create duplicate files of the files we create and use, so the same file can be stored two or more times on the same PC.

On the other hand, there are also the probabilities that we ourselves as users create duplicate files in different folders. It generally happens when saving images; since we take the same identical photos with each other; but we store it on the PC under different names.

All these duplicate files (just like the original files) are stored on the computer’s hard drive until we no longer have control of them, which takes up space required or used by other files.

This causes the processor of our equipment to overload, which not only reduces the storage space on the PC but also greatly reduces the performance of the operating system and its applications.

Therefore, experts recommend that we thoroughly clean the computer from time to time. During such maintenance, let’s not just delete temporary files and store some folders and files that we don’t use on other external drives. But we also end up with duplicate files by saving only one of the files for our use and deleting the other copies.

What is the best program to delete duplicate files in Windows

CCleaner is one of the most effective and easy-to-use tools for removing duplicate files on personal computers. It is recommended to have the latest version to take advantage of its functions . It is currently considered the best program for cleaning Windows, due to its simple interface that makes it very user-friendly even by the most beginner cybernauts.

Clean your PC with the best program to remove duplicate files to make it go faster

CCleaner is a utility that can search for and remove junk files and errors in Windows. You can schedule it for cleaning . In just a few clicks , CCleaner can help you reclaim disk space and make your PC faster and more efficient.

A classic interface for files

We just need to press the “analysis ” button, and in less than a minute, the program will tell us how much memory it can free and where it can be freed. We click on “Run cleaner” and it will immediately clean the disk.

CCleaner options include a specific tool for removing duplicate files . This tool is also included in the free version of the application. Of course, this is the key to the success of this program: «Your price» …

In addition, CCleaner can not only find all duplicate files on our PC, but also allows us to filter the files to search for them by name, size, date and even content and make backup copies before cleaning. Just in case, the operating system fails to restore it to its original state.

Solution within reach

CCleaner is so effective that it is the perfect solution that you can take from your pocket, “on a USB stick”. In its “CCleaner Portable” version to clean a PC that does not have internet access and that needs efficient and portable tools to carry out its cleaning safely, without having to install them.

It can be mentioned that said program can also be used on a Mac . Thank you for choosing our articles to keep up to date in this wonderful digital age. Share it with your friends and family and leave us your comments and / or respectful suggestions. And stay tuned for our next posts.


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