What is the best photo and video editor for Android without watermark?

As is well known, one of the virtues of so-called smartphones is the possibility of downloading the App for any task. Through them, we can do complex tasks in a very simple way. This is really the case and in the next tutorial we are going to show you which is the best photo and video editor for Android without a watermark?

There are many photo and video editors in virtual stores, but that allows them to be assembled in such a simple, fast and uncomplicated way. We don’t think you can find one like this, it’s also free and without any watermark . This application is called Adobe Premier Clip for Android although it is also available for iOS systems.

We will show you how simple it is to have this application from your mobile and the simplest thing is to use it for both videos and photos. That is how easy it is to use applications on devices that run on Android. The same happens in cases where we want to block all the advertising of the applications without having to use Root .

What is the best photo and video editor for Android without watermark?

As we already mentioned, Adobe Premier Clip is a free application and it will only ask you as a requirement to register in Adobe Cloud . Once you have downloaded the App and installed it on your device, log in and start enjoying this simple application for editing without a watermark, so the first step to start using it is to choose your video or photo.

After you have made the choice, you must choose how this project will be created and it will give you two options, Free mode or Automatic . We can suggest you choose to start Automatic Mode. If at any point in the project you want to change, you can do so and enter Free Mode.

You will be able to realize that the Automatic mode is simpler and when choosing a video it mounts a song that is already included in the program. If you don’t like it, you can choose any other that you carry on your mobile device. But here you must be very careful with copyright, you may not be allowed to share it on social networks without carrying some advertising.

All adjust the start time of the music, as well as the rhythm that it will take, the options you can choose for editing photos and videos are very varied . You can add the amount of clip you want, arrange them however you want, insert them or delete them. Once you have finished your project, simply save it to your mobile or share it with your friends.

Free Mode Editing in Adobe Premier Clip

When you enter this mode, everything is something else, even the application interface changes completely. If the project that you have made in automatic mode , you want to make some modification, you can perfectly bring it to free mode. Here you can see other options, which will allow you to give your project a personal touch.

Among the different options that you will find are, the synchronization of the music in each of the clips. Another modifiable aspect is the light, exposure and shadow in each individual clip, if your videos already contained ambient audio you can remove it or leave it as this. You can also fade sounds between clips.

You can also find an option to perform intelligent audio mixing , you can also vary the speed of the clip, until they are shown in slow motion. It also allows you to fade the image, in short, the options that you can apply with this excellent photo and video editor are very varied.

Now you know which is the best photo and video editor for Android without a watermark , how to download, install and use it. And all this you could know through this interesting and instructive


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