What is the best parcel service on AliExpress?

One of the biggest fears of buyers on AliExpress is that their package will never reach its destination or there will be problems with its delivery. Also the issue of the high costs of using an efficient parcel service makes us think a bit.

For this reason, AliExpress has several shipping methods, with different characteristics. Next we will teach you how to choose the best parcel service to obtain cheap and safe shipments, read on.

What is AliExpress parcel service?

When making purchases on the AliExpress website, surely the seller’s location is at a far distance from your location. For this , parcel or postal services are used .

The protocol to use the AliExpress parcel service is, basically, to open or create an account on AliExpress , make your purchases, and choose the parcel service that will take care of getting your order to where you want.

Currently there are three parcel services that are the most used by AliExpress buyers. Among those are ordinary shipments , which are the most common for small package shipments without much importance, since it does not offer a tracking system. Registered shipments are relatively the safest that AliExpress offers, since they have a tracking and guarantee system.

The shipments by private companies and are part of the buyer. In general, the services of private companies are used when it is a high value purchase, and it is usually insured. Of course, they have a package tracking and guarantee system to ensure delivery.

Whichever shipping option the buyer has chosen, it should be noted that the cost of customs is not borne by the company .

Cheaper and safer shipping options

One of the best shipping options that we can find on AliExpress is AliExpress Standard Shipping . Although it is not usually very cheap, it is undoubtedly a very safe method. This same is not a shipping company as such, but acts as an intermediary with the shipping companies.

In the same way, it assumes all the responsibilities of the package and offers a very efficient tracking system for the buyer. Without naming the speed with which the buyer receives their order.

The Chinese aliexpress market created AliExpress Plaza for buyers from Spain. On this site the sellers are also from Spain, so it makes it easier for buyers from that same country to place their orders and receive their package in a period of 3 to 7 days, even less. And best of all, this service is very cheap, it can even be totally free.

Similarly, on the AliExpress platform you can find items with shipping discounts or totally free shipping. Previously most items were marked with free shipping, but sellers started to have a lot of inconvenience from buyers when it came to receiving their order and are now opting for safer but more expensive shipping.

What is the best parcel service on AliExpress?

The best parcel service on AliExpress depends entirely on the need or requirement of the buyer . There are many shipping methods but all with different characteristics and priorities. The best thing is to assess the situation we are in and identify priorities.

If we make a safe purchase on AliExpress , of course we expect a safe shipment of our package. If in this case we have made a purchase with a very high value, it is best that we select certified shipments from some of the Singapore Post, AliExpress Standard Shipping, China Post Air Mail or AliExpress Saver Shipping companies.

These companies do offer the tracking system service and require the buyer’s signature at the time of delivery of the package, even if it arrives in the same way as the post office. A great feature of this option is that it has fast shipping and has a very cheap price unlike other shipping methods that offer almost the same.


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