What is the best App to recover deleted files from the cell phone on Android?

The files that you keep on your mobile are very important, in addition to the photos and videos of beautiful memories; They may contain job information or other personal information. However, you might lose this valuable information or accidentally delete it . If that is your case, the best App to recover deleted files from the cell phone on Android will be presented.

What is the Best App to Recover Deleted Files from Cell Phone on Android?

Know the best app to recover deleted files from your Android

So that you can choose the best App to recover deleted files from your Android ; The most used apps and their main characteristics will be presented.

Dumpster Image Video Restore

It is a software that protects all deleted files such as photos or videos from your Android. It can recover documents, .APK files, HTML, and also images and videos. The deleted files will be automatically saved in the software; You can delete them after a while or after having backed up the files.

It is very popular and works as a recycle bin that analyzes the internal memory of the mobile; but also files that have been deleted from the microSD memory card. In addition, it allows you to recover songs, audio notes from WhatsApp, etc.

Undeleter Recover Files Data

One of the most outstanding features of this application is its compatibility with a variety of files. In addition, it allows you to recover different file formats, including multimedia. It works as a kind of scanner on your Android, including files stored on external memory. You can download this app from Google Play Store and recover deleted files from your Android.

GT Recovery – Undelete, Restore

It is a free application widely used when recovering deleted files from your Android mobile. It is very easy to use, through the software the mobile is completely analyzed to recover all the files. One of its advantages is the compatibility with various file formats, for example: .RAR, .APK, MP3 and MP4, PDF, JPG, DOC (X) and many more.

Recycle Bin

This application consists of a software that stores each file that is deleted from the Android mobile . It is ideal when you have deleted a file by mistake and want to recover it. In no time, without complicated steps, you can recover the files.

The application is based on a recycle bin, which can be configured easily and in a short time . You no longer have to worry about deleted files.

App to recover deleted files (Photos, videos)

Generally, photos and videos are the files that are frequently accidentally deleted. Since these are valuable memories, it is important to be able to recover them. The following applications specifically allow you to recover these types of files:


It is one of the favorites , although it is not designed especially for rooted Android phones; If you have one, you can enhance the benefits of the app. But it also works perfectly on other Android devices without special permissions. It allows to recover specifically, videos and photos. So you will not be able to use it for other types of files.

However, it is a very valuable and powerful tool to recover compatible files, and it is completely free. It has millions of downloads and excellent user ratings. It scans both the internal memory of the mobile and the microSD memory. It also allows you to create a backup copy of the recovered photos, directly in the Google Drive or Dropbox service.

EaseUS MobiSaver an App to recover deleted files

It is another of the preferred applications when it comes to recovering deleted photos on Android. The requirement to be able to work is that the mobile terminal must be rooted beforehand. Then, the application can be installed to recover the deleted photos. The advantage is that you can do everything from your mobile without needing a pc.

Now that you know the options, you can decide which is the best App to recover deleted files from your cell phone on Android. However, you can always use to migrate or save your files.


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