What is the ACARS Aviation system and what is it for?

There are some terms that can be used naturally that most people don’t know what they mean. And in this sense, if you are a person who uses commercial flights frequently, you may have heard the following term before and it is the ACAR which refers to a communication system. And in this article we will tell you what it is, what it is for and what is the function of the ACARS Aviation system.

Many know the way we communicate from our mobile devices, but they also know that there are new forms of connection, such as the NFC connection . But when it comes to a moving plane, it uses another type of connection with the control tower, which very few people know about and here we will explain what that is.

The airplanes use a system known as ACAR Aviation which must not fail because it would represent a risk for the crew and passengers of the plane. Since in this way different aspects related to the plane and the landing strip are shared. But if you still do not understand what we are talking about, keep reading that here we will tell you what you should know about this system.


  • What is the ACARS Aviation system and what is it for?
  • What is the function of the ACARS Aviation system

What is the ACARS Aviation system and what is it for?

The ACARS system or what its acronym in English means Aircraf Cominication Addressing and Reporting System.  It is the way the aircraft is kept in communication with the control tower. In this way, on the ground, important data on the operation of the plane can be known at all times, as well as other data such as its altitude, amount of fuel, etc.

But since you can establish this connection at all times if it is interrupted, it uses different means such as satellite signals or VHF and HF radio waves , somewhat similar to television networks . Of course, it is necessary that a Router be installed in the aircraft and this device is in charge of transmitting information at all times to different centrals arranged on the ground.

Information on the status of the aircraft is important and therefore this data must be issued from time to time for proper monitoring. If the transmission were to be lost by the plane, on the ground it is possible to emit what is known as a Ping. Which will allow to receive information on the current state of the aircraft.

What is the function of the ACARS Aviation system

Below we will list the different functions that the ACARS Aviation system performs . And the first one is to establish contact at all times between the aircraft and the ground monitoring systems such as the control tower. It is important for ground personnel to know what is going on inside the aircraft.

The aircraft must operate according to certain parameters established and known by both the pilots and the personnel in the control tower. Therefore, this information must be shared in order to make alternate flight plans that can correct any eventual problem. And this is achieved through the ACARS Aviation system .


So in order to establish this connection between the plane and the bases on the ground, what is known as ARINC is used. Which will be in charge of establishing the connection and automatically transmitting the information of the aircraft.

This information is stored on a server, something similar to a dedicated server, and is then downloaded by the air terminal in order to read the data. In this way they can interpret the flight conditions , which would help prevent an accident and allow a smooth landing.

This is generally known as the ACARS Aviation system , an aircraft security and monitoring system . And it is for this reason that passengers are asked to turn off their mobile phones or put them in Airplane mode so that there is no interference with communications.


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