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Welcome! If you have thought about creating a new email account and browsing safely avoiding spam in your main account, then you have reached the indicated post. Later we will tell you everything you need to know about temporary email accounts and what TempMail is for.Keep reading!

Although it may not seem credible to you, temporary email accounts have been gaining popularity in recent years. This is largely due to the fact that many web pages saturate their registered users with a lot of promotional emails (spam).

Many people have found that a possible solution to this problem is to create a temporary account to associate with some of their favorite pages.

This is where the TempMail platform comes in, which as its name indicates allows us to create temporary accounts that will be deleted as days go by .

In case you are interested in knowing a little more about what this topic of temporary accounts is about, then we invite you to continue reading this post. Below we will take the trouble to explain in great detail all the information related to TempMail.

If you are a user of another platform, for example Hotmail or Outlook, you can block all spam in the mail and thus no electronic garbage will reach you.

What is TempMail and what is it for?

In short, TempMail is a platform that allows us to create email accounts which have a limited time . That is, when a certain period of time is reached, this account will disappear completely and we will not be able to use it again.

What is TempMail for? Well, this app is used to create accounts for free and basically the process to register is very similar to that of Gmail or Outlook. Later we will talk about the benefits offered by this particular application.

Without a doubt, TempMail has gained popularity because it has a very intuitive interface, that is, it works exactly the same as another app that allows us to access an email account such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo! You can also try creating a temporary email using Mailinator , which is quick and easy.

How does TempMail work?

Once you have created your account in TempMail , then you will be able to receive emails with files to download without problems, since it practically works like a normal email address. Further down in this section we will talk a little more about the operation of the temporary accounts generated on the TempMail page.

That is, you will have an inbox in which all the emails will arrive, a recycle bin, a button to refresh the inbox and another button that gives us the option to create a new email address. Doing this will automatically delete the current account so that you keep the new account you decided to create

In addition you can extend or shorten the life of our temporary account as we like best. It even has an extension for Google Chrome that you can install from the official TempMail page to optimize the operation of temporary email accounts.

Without a doubt, the fact of being able to install an extension for these types of accounts gives us a little more confidence in the TempMail platform.

Benefits of having a temporary account in TempMail

In general, the email accounts generated in TempMail are used so that you can subscribe to a large number of web pages. You can also use it to send emails in an almost anonymous way, since temporary accounts do not have our associated personal data.

On the other hand, we will not have to worry about this email address being sold to marketing companies so that they have a database and try to communicate with us in order to offer their products.

Finally, as these temporary email addresses will only receive promotions and newsletters from certain web pages, then you will not have to worry about possible hackers who try to access it.

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