What Is Social Isolation

How do you experience quarantine? Do you belong to those who are alone and suffer from social isolation, or to those who are never alone and suffer from submarine disease? Here are some tips to help you survive this difficult time.


Social isolation

Social isolation is a state where a person is excluded from the faith of society, spends time at home and is not in contact with people. Now a lot of people are in this situation due to quarantine. Social isolation can lead to feelings of loneliness and even depression. It doesn’t even have a good impact on our immunity, which we need most now.

Social isolation affected the SINGLES WORLD in particular. Today, single households make up a third of all households in the Czech Republic. We can observe a similar trend in other European countries. In Sweden, single-person households are inhabited by more than half of the population. However, not all singles chose their solitude. Some of them may suffer from loneliness.



Can’t you go out? Go inside

The Indian mystic OSHO perfectly described the difference between loneliness and loneliness. According to the dictionary, these are synonyms, but according to OSHA, they are two completely different states. He defined LONELINESS as the absence of others. It is a negative state where we lack people. We are afraid to be alone and we cannot be alone. He described LONELINESS as an overflowing presence of himself. It’s a positive state, it’s a joy to be yourself.

OSHO said, “Being alone is one of the most beautiful experiences. No one bothers you, you don’t have to force yourself to meet other people’s expectations. When you’re alone, you can do what you want. You can feel what you want.”

If you can’t go out, go inside. Get to know yourself. Immerse yourself. Do things just for yourself. Not for others to impress them. Make a healthy breakfast – just for yourself. Strengthen and stretch – just for yourself. Dress nicely – just for yourself. Do a great job – just for yourself. Light candles – just for yourself. Fill yourself with a hot tub – just for yourself. And enjoy it!

You don’t need the surroundings to appreciate you. Appreciate yourself. You don’t need the surroundings to reward you. Reward yourself. You don’t need a neighborhood to rate you. Evaluate yourself.


Cabin fever

Submarine disease is characterized by feelings of claustrophobia that occur when people are confined for too long in a small space. Sympathy between partners or friends gradually turns into antipathy, intolerance increases and tension rises. There are verbal attacks, which can turn into physical attacks. In China, quarantine for several weeks has led to an increase in divorce rates.

Why do people who get along well under normal circumstances suddenly mind? A new situation has arisen and it is therefore necessary to create new rituals. However, both partners may have different expectations. One of the partners is expecting a romantic candlelight dinner and an hour of conversation over a glass of wine, but his counterpart is not in the mood for that, because he has a thrilling book read. Conflict can easily occur. Both partners may then consider that they are not compatible and that they do not fit together at all.

Communicate in peace. Communicate your mutual expectations and try to find a compromise. You don’t have to meet other people’s expectations, just as they don’t have to meet yours. Plan the next few days together to avoid frustration and disappointment.


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