What is Performance Analysis?

Performance analysis is a systematic process of evaluating the performance or  job performance  of a person or an organization. The purpose of holding a performance analysis is to measure the success or failure of the implementation of activities in accordance with the program to then be repaired or enhanced for the achievement of a particular vision or mission.

Types of Processes from Performance Analysis

  1. Production Process: The Production Process is a series of steps that are carried out regularly to produce a tangible product. To produce a product (goods / services) definitely need a production process.
  2. Process Administration / Management: The process of administration / management is a series of activities carried out regularly and ends in a product that is not real like the decisions or policies.

Elements of Attention in Performance Analysis

  1. Employee performance appraisal must be measured and compared in accordance with established targets and standards.
  2. Providing rewardsfor employees who contribute more.
  3. Analyze and identify employee needs for development training both now and in the future.
  4. Determination of targets and standards for the future.

In general, the element of performance appraisal does not only apply to employees. Another example of performance evaluation is the assessment of teacher performance in educational institutions to improve the quality of teachers. So that these elements in a broad sense can be applied to any institution other than non-profit companies or government organizations.

The Purpose of Performance Analysis

  • Reviewing employee performance in the past.
  • Obtain data that is factual and systematic in determining the value of a job.
  • Identify organizational capabilities and analyze employee abilities individually.
  • Set future goals.
  • Seeing the achievements of employee performance realistically.
  • Get justice in the system of providing wages and salaries applied in the organization


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