What is MiTele Plus and how does it work?

The live transmission of programs has been for many decades the most used and necessary means of communication in the world. And these broadcasts exist on the internet through online channels or platforms that are rich in content that is attractive to the public. For that reason we will tell you what MiTele Plus is and how this streaming platform works easily and simply for you.

What is MiTele Plus?

Mitele Plus is an online platform where you can access any type of content at home, including the best series and programs of the moment.

However, the difference it has from the basic version is that it allows access to programming at any time at a reasonable price. And the advantage of this channel is that it has an application to register Smart TV , Android or iOS device, offering unique and attractive functions.

What does MiTele Plus offer?

This online platform can offer paid and free broadcasts ,  and this is the Plus case, which requires payment for said broadcast. The difference that exists is that in one you will have to see advertising such as advertisements and in Plus these will not appear.

How MiTele Plus works

By becoming familiar with the MiTele platform, you will be able to play or enjoy its functions and other options that it presents to its users. In addition, by speeding up the internet to the maximum of your home, transmission will not fail, and thus you can enjoy content without difficulties.

Next, we explain the functions of this platform for the online transmission of informative and varied content to the public:

  • Main screen in MiTele: By entering the official page of this channel, you can access live broadcast suggestions with their schedules and lists of interesting programs.
  • A la Carte: In the main menu you will have a “Search engine” where you can see the available programs by category. Selecting this will take you directly to the programming.
  • Live: This is the second section, upon entering it, you will be able to see the live broadcasts of all Mediaset channels.
  • Mobile Application: The application works exactly the same as the PC version, only it is adapted to small screens, offering the same options.
  • User Account: This option is magnificent, since you have before you the possibility of creating an account, accessing movie purchases or watching programming that you could not enjoy.
  • Tap or tap On Profile: Go to the official website and select the profile picture that appears at the top right of the screen. This will appear if you are registered or not, which if it will always be there.
  • Register: If you have not done your registration, click on profile, and there you will be prompted with the steps to follow, such as giving personal data and phone number.
  • Verification: Once the registration process is finished, you will have to verify it when you receive an email that you have entered on the page.

4 MiTele Plus Classes

Like any online platform, MiTele Plus offers four modalities or plans to enjoy the best programming for the general public.

  1. Mitele Plus Basic: This plan offers low demand live HD quality without advertising content, and 24-hour GHz channel without online advertising. This option is very good when we connect our laptop to a Smart TV with an HDMI cable .
  2. Mitele Plus Champions League: This plan offers the transmission of the Champions League, Europa League and the UEFA Super Cup.
  3. Mitele Plus The Spanish League: With this plan you will observe La Liga Santander / 1st division and La Liga Smartbank / 2nd division.
  4. Mitele Plus Fútbol Total: This includes all broadcasts, that is, La Liga (1st and 2nd division), the Champions and Europa League, the UEFA Super Cup and the Mitele Plus Basic pack.

However, these services can be canceled with credit and debit cards , taking into account that it does not accept payments by PayPal or other similar ones.

On the other hand, on the web there are low-demand VOD platforms to have a family leisure time. And as you already read, the MiTele Plus Streaming platform offers excellent options for its users when watching television channels from the web.


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