What is Microsoft OneDrive and what is it for?

Surely you have serious problems when saving documents and files on your computer. Who wouldn’t want to have enough storage space to store whatever we want without worrying about the storage limit? Instead of dealing with this problem, one solution you can implement is the use of virtual spaces.

That is, opt for a cloud service to save your files, documents, movies, images and others. Of course, depending on the server you are using , the process will be a little different. In the case of MEGA, you have it relatively easy. You just have to learn how to download content and files hosted on mega.

But this time, we are going to focus on the most important aspects of Microsoft OneDrive . We will tell you what it is, what you can use it for and we will present some advantages and disadvantages of it.


  • What is Microsoft OneDrive and what is it for?
  • What are some of the features OneDrive provides for you?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of OneDrive?

What is Microsoft OneDrive and what is it for?

It is one of the many cloud storage services which allows all registered users on this platform to be able to save all kinds of files in the space that it provides you for free. And while it is true that it is one of the many services that exists, by far one of the best.

Now, we can say that Microsoft differs from other services of the same style, since they have a wide variety of options and functions that allow users to work online and without having to be at home or office. That is, if you need to access a file and its respective viewer, you will not need to use a program, since this platform can provide it for you.

Of course, for this you have to learn all the necessary steps to upload and share files in the cloud . Either in Microsoft OndeDrive or any other server that provides similar functions to this one.

Regarding the use that you can give to this platform or tool, we can say that its main objective is to provide you with a space where you can upload your files. It doesn’t matter what type they are. You can use OneDrive to access them from anywhere and on any device and download them if necessary. Although if you have editable files such as presentations, text documents and others, you can edit them however you want.

In short, with OneDrive you have the ability to store data of interest or that are important to you (such as backups) and edit certain types of files without using programs installed on your computer.

What are some of the features OneDrive provides for you?

You can upload or create documents thanks to Office Online

In order to access this feature and the rest of OneDrive, you have to go to the official Microsoft OneDive page and register or log in. Once you have done it, you will have the benefit of being able to work with Office documents for free and online. You also have the advantage that you can edit PDF documents without any problem from a computer or mobile devices.

Save photos and make labels

If you have the mobile application , you can configure the app to automatically store photos and images. In such a way that your internal storage space on your mobile remains intact and you can access the cloud whenever you want. The good thing is that OneDrive has an automated system which gives you labels without you intervening in it.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of OneDrive?

You have to know that between OneDrive and using Telegram to store files, photos and videos , there is a big difference. The system is not the same. For this reason, one of the advantages of OneDrive is that the service and the possibilities are much greater. In addition, that you can work from the computer or mobile comfortably .

In the same way, OneDrive offers you secure storage, constant updates and the ability to access from any device. Of course, your data can end up in the hands of third parties, you will need the internet at all times and security sometimes presents problems for users at the level of functionality.


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