What is ManageFlitter and what is it for?

Social networks have been transformed rapidly since the last decade as a powerful tool for daily use, being essential to have a digital image . So that everyone can have their own personal platform to express all their ideas and thoughts, and stay informed of everything that happens around the world.

Currently there is a wide range of social networks that cover the particular tastes of all audiences. Today in particular, we will focus on Twitter, one of the most popular social networks today that combines the best qualities of Instagram and Facebook within a simple platform that is easy to understand in a short time.

Through Twitter it is possible to create a digital marketing platform to promote social change without the need to have the financial resources that were previously necessary for this. With the ease of monitoring the statistics and reproductions in a Twitter account , so that it is possible to analyze the social impact that you can generate through particular publications.

Being in such a way mainly a tool to communicate through text , where recently the voice notes function has been added in addition to the tool to   upload and publish images or photos on Twitter from the cell phone without losing quality , to offer users different ways to communicate easily.

Making it then one of the most important and popular social networks currently for all audiences. Likewise, it is possible to put or insert emojis and emoticons on Twitter to have creative interactions with your contacts both in public and in private. It is also important to mention that in public interactions other users can join it.

Thanks to constant technological advances, Twitter has been able to become a multiplatform social network , offering the opportunity to its mass of users to use the social network anywhere in the world through the official application for Android , with the same options of the web platform while making it easier to use.

Taking into account the aforementioned, it is extremely necessary to learn all the advantages that Twitter offers to create a digital image of yourself where you can create all kinds of content. Therefore, today we will teach you everything you need to know about ManageFlitter, what it is and what it is for, in addition to the benefits offered by using it on Twitter.


  • What is ManageFlitter and what is it for?
  • What are the benefits of using it on Twitter?

What is ManageFlitter and what is it for?

ManageFlitter is a web tool dedicated to optimizing the use of your personal Twitter account in order to increase its productivity, through the organization of the list of followers and followed, organizing these through a list of specific parameters. Especially, you will be able to analyze all kinds of details in your actions within the platform.

Through ManageFlitter it is possible to analyze when the greatest number of users who follow you are connected so that you can publish content at that time. And not only that, you can also see the users who unfollowed you to unfollow those users.

This platform has a free version in addition to Premium plans with additional features to manage one or more Twitter accounts effectively.

What are the benefits of using it on Twitter?

The main benefits that ManageFlitter offers is the analytics to improve the quality of the content that you are going to publish, showing all kinds of interactions that your followers have with a particular publication in order to analyze what type of content your followers prefer.

Although it is true, there are other analytical tools of Twitter, the data that ManageFlitter offers is more detailed than the rest. In addition, through it it is possible to structure the content that interests you on the platform in various categories, to be attentive to a specific type of content.

In addition to showing you the times when your fan base is most active, ManageFlitter offers the option of scheduling Tweets to be posted automatically at any time you want, in case you can’t do it at the time for whatever reason.

As you can see, ManageFlitter is the perfect tool to use your Twitter account more efficiently in order to increase followers.


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