What is Literature And What Does It Do

It is hard to define what Is  Literature. No definition can be said right. Mathew Arnold says “All the knowledge which came up in the form book is called literature”. Walter Pater believes that literary expression is essential to be called literature. The setting of words, expression and feeling are expressed stylistically in literature so that readers and listeners have a sense of pleasure and joy. It is a means of human expression.

What Is Literature And What Does It Do


It is also the set of works in prose and poetry written in the language of a particular nation or civilization that have been preserved over time. We can say that the words used in the literature are organized and structured in a linguistic form that has its own logic which is different from that of oral language.

Facts you Must know About What Is Literature

The literature is not the reality. First, it would be impossible to report on all the events of reality in literary form; Imagine waking up in the morning, go to school or work and having to tell your colleagues in detail everything you did before you get there, in front of them (“I woke up, I got up, had breakfast, have washed teeth … “): what would result is a narrative rather long and boring, that is a narrative that literature could never suppose to tell.

What Is Literature And What Does It Do


Literature is indeed subtraction than the reality, indeed,: it is written of unspoken things that need to be in balance or even exceed what is explicitly said. This is literary fiction, an artifact that can manipulate time and place, an artificial creation (meaning created by man, not nature) that is not reality.

But it is not essential that every text which has been written must be included in the category of literature. All written information, such as the sciences, academic and journalistic writings will not be considered literature as long as long they become literary arts.

The pure form of literature is musical or romantic poetry. The second form is genres, word. If poetry could not be able to touch feeling and emotional depths this would not be called poetry. Novels and dramas are big form of literature.At one time, essay Writing was also understood as art. There were more emphases on expression than content. Some people have written their own biographies. They have also written notes and letters that have become part of literature today.

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