What is Linguistics And Other Disciplines In Language

Linguistics And other Disciplines relationship is very essential for understanding. Language is a tool for expressing thoughts and feelings of man. Language is a connection between knowledge and real world. Our knowledge of the real world is not the absolute truth. Linguistics examines the human language in general.

The relationship between linguistics and other social sciences is interdisciplinary.

 Science can be divided into seven types, namely:

What is Linguistics And Other Disciplines In Language

  1. Sciences mathematically
  2. The sciences of physical
  3. Sciences biological
  4. Sciences psychological
  5. The social sciences
  6. Science linguistics, and
  7. Sciences interdisciplinary

Following are some Disciplines


It is a part of the history of the nation. The data of linguistics are helpful in the study of historical problems such as the origin of the people, and development of the culture of the people and society at different stages of history.


Linguistics archaeology is also strong connection with linguistics. It studies the history of the real sources. The theory states: The past has passed and can be presented back to the present. As a result, we cannot prove the objective.


It is the science of life and culture of peoples. Linguistics has close connection with ethnography in the study of dialect and vocabulary. Culture and linguistics has been strong relation

Contact linguistics and ethnography reflects in the society. This line of research has been called ethno- linguistics. In this case, the language is seen as an expression of people’s perceptions of the world.


Linguistics is closely connected with the study of literature. If you want to have better understanding of literature then you must have strong command on language.Linguistics is also associated with psychology.It studies the mental and other psychological processes and their reflection in language, in terms of language.

Facts You Must Know About Relationship Between Linguistics And other Disciplines

Mathematical Linguistics

This science is used to study the language methods of mathematical logic, such as , information theory, probability theory, mathematical statistics and other disciplines. Linguistics mathematical models of language are used and tested by experiments on digital computers, which use to solve linguistic problems in machine translation, automatic text analysis, machine analysis and synthesis of speech.


Philosophy of Language (“theory of language in philosophy”) cannot be ignored in linguistics. Philosophy is the science that investigates and thinks about things deeply, so as to achieve the nature of the situation. It is a branch of social science that relies on the analysis of language. Many problems and philosophical concepts can only be explained through the analysis of language, because language is a big building block in philosophy.

The specific areas that were examined in the philosophy of language

 Analytic Philosophy

Analytic philosophy or philosophical linguistics or philosophy of language, the use of the term depends on the preference of philosophers concerned. But in general we can explain this as an approach that considers the analysis of language as a fundamental task of philosophers.They consider that logic can actually be reduced into mathematics, and convinced that the evidence must always be presented in the form of deductive steps clearly articulated.

They can be raised these questions:

  • Why the language that must exist in humans and its main characteristics of human beings?
  • What are the main difference between the “language” or languages ​​of animals and other creatures? What are the similarities and what are the differences?.
  • What is the relationship between language and reason, and also what is the connection between the language o human mental phenomena?


Today the term psychology and linguistics is used anymore. It includes:

  1. Psychology is the study of the soul.
  2. Psychology is the science of mental life.
  3. Psychology is the science of the behavior of organisms.

Psycho-linguistic describes psychological processes that take place when someone utters the words. The behaviorism theory of linguistics is based on psychology. Positive and negative reinforcement Theory is also based on psycho linguistics.

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