What is League of Legends? – introduction to LoL for beginners

Even if you are not a huge fan of video games, at some point you may have heard about League Of Legends or as it is also known, LOL. And it is that this game has remained valid as one of the most popular in the world for more than 5 years.

This game is much loved by players for its pace, speed and intensity that they must have during a game while developing a real-time strategy .

What is League of Legends? – Introduction to LoL for Beginners

This game has elementary principles of role-playing games and, in general terms, the idea is to protect your base along with your team while locating and destroying the objective base.

But this game goes much further and its success is due to many other factors. In the following article we will explain clearly what League Of Legends is and we will make an introduction for beginners to encourage you to play this great game.

What is League of Legends?

As we mentioned before, League of Legends is a team strategy game , made up of five members, in which two opposing sides face each other in order to destroy the other’s base.

Depending on the level of the teams, certain actions and objectives can be carried out to cause more damage to the rival. The game has a level system where the characters can acquire improved skills , instead of buying them in the store.

League of Legend objective

The game ends when one of the two teams manages to destroy the rival base. Each base has something called Nexo and they can appear subjects . Behind the Nexus is the bottom or heart of the base. There you can recover your health, mana and access the store.

The enemy Nexus is also located at the bottom of the enemy base and performs the same functions, so that rivals can do the same. The game ends when one of the two teams destroys the opposing Nexus.

Clear the way

In order to achieve victory , your team must clear at least one path, but it is not that simple, since in each of these there are defensive structures called turrets and inhibitors.

Each lane has two turrets and an inhibitor, while each Nexus is guarded by two turrets. Turrets deal true damage to minions, champions, and enemies and provide limited vision within the fog of war for the team.

The inhibitors , on the other hand, are protected by a turret and if you manage to destroy the inhibitor, super minions will appear but after a few minutes the inhibitor will reappear and the super minions will stop leaving.

Master the jungle

This is a fundamental aspect to guide the course of the battle. since in the lanes there is the jungle and natural monsters and plants reside there.

If you kill the creatures you can get unique upgrades for your team that will be decisive in the development of the battle.

Unlock your skills

Champions have two primary abilities , two spells, and up to seven items at a time. Knowing and improving summoner spells and items will increase your success in the game.

A constantly changing game

This is one of the main attractions that makes Lol have so many active players in the world. The constant implementation of updates and patches force players to frequently change strategies and vary the possibilities.

In such a way that the game will never stagnate due to the wealth of objects, characters, strategies and composition of teams that it has.


Multiple characters

Lol has a wide and complex variety of characters that enriches the game and allows players to develop all kinds of strategies. This is another of the strengths of the game.

All this without mentioning that these characters constantly increase or decrease their abilities and characteristics to balance the game, which generates the evolution and dynamism of the strategies and choice of the characters.

The game has a system of races, roles and classes according to the character, which in some way designates the function of this. Currently, League Of Legends has 139 champions that you can use.


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