What is JP in GTA Online;How Activity Points Are Earned

If you don’t know what JPs are, don’t worry, here we explain what these curious GTA Online activity points are for and how they are earned.

If you haven’t been playing GTA Online long, you might still be wondering what the hell JPs are and what they’re for . These points usually appear at the end of completing a mission or activities in multiplayer mode, with an orange symbol, next to the money we earn or the RP achieved . They actually have a very simple function , then we clarify this common doubt for you.

What is JP in GTA Online and what is it for?

JPs receive this annotation from Job Points , in English. What in Spanish is translated as activity points . They are basically a reward that GTA Online gives us every time we complete multiplayer activities.

That is, the way to earn JP is by completing missions, races, deathmatches, heists, and so on. Be careful, because different amounts of JP are earned depending on our performance ; that is, for example if we start first in a race we earn additional JPs.

  • The JPs are reset every time we leave anonline gaming session , so in each new session we always start with 0 of these points.
  • maximum of JP 15can be earned in one activity.
  • These activity points work to tie the tie. They are used to decide who is the winner of a playlist if necessary.

Now you know what the JPs you earn mean and what their usefulness is. It’s not something that many players pay attention to, but it doesn’t hurt to know its role in GTA Online.

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