What is Jira and what is it for?

If you work in a software or other product development team, you will know that complications in the life cycle of project development are very common. However, currently you can count on the assistance of programs such as Asana or Trello to help you manage your projects. But today we will talk to you about one that is giving people talk, it is about Jira, the Atlassian task manager. What is Jira and what is it for?

Jira is a product developed by the Australian software company Atlassian . It is a very complete tool that allows the management and organization of projects, in order to optimize many of the tasks that the construction of a product implies. Its greatest appeal lies in the adaptation it provides to agile projects, but this powerful software offers much more.

Jira What is it for?

There are many functions and tools that Jira offers to meet the objectives of a company or organization in the development of a product. Below we explain the various features and extensive functions of this software.

  • Project management: It adapts to different types of projects, allowing you to organize incidents and establish a flexible work flow. Provides progress reports and doesn’t allow tasks to be overlooked.
  • Help for agile teams : Jira offers a suite of useful tools for teams that work under the Agile methodology. Scrum and kanban dashboards allow you to streamline assigned tasks and workflows, as well as monitor all work.
  • Requirements management and test execution : Jira allows you to adapt the workflow and the completion of tasks, interactively, to the requirements requested by customers or by the company itself. It also makes it easy to run tests and quality control.
  • Software development: It offers multiple tools to establish, plan and even predict to a certain degree the life cycle of software development. In addition, it provides an area that allows direct communication between clients and the development team in order to establish budgets, requirements and much more.
  • Bug monitoring: Jira provides detailed notifications of errors or unresolved tasks that occur during the workflow, as well as prioritization tailored to the needs of the team and the project.

Who is Jira recommended for?

Thanks to its great flexibility and adaptation, the Jira software can be used by different work teams . From those made up of few people to organizations, companies or companies with thousands of workers.

This adaptability is founded on the multiple communication options between interdisciplinary teams and departments or even with clients and suppliers. Likewise, the capacity it offers by being compatible with different applications and operating systems makes it one of the best options on the market.

Many communities, companies, and teams around the world use Jira as their favorite project manager. The most common sectors that prefer it are software development teams, professional services companies, media, educational and healthcare organizations.

Advantages of using Jira

As you can see, there are many benefits that Jira offers as a project manager and task manager. In summary, we can list the advantages of using Jira as follows:

  • Ability to adapt and be flexible to different types of projects.
  • It improves productivity and offers real-time monitoring and reporting.
  • Optimize the assignment, execution and control of tasks in a project.
  • It works online and has a mobile app for users.
  • It offers great interaction between different teams and other entities related to the project.

As if that were not enough, Atlassian also offers other useful tools for teamwork and coordination on projects such as Jitsi Meet for videoconferencing . And if you want to know other tools similar to Jira, we invite you to know the free Google Tables software that has various functions  for managing and administering tasks.

Keep it simple and improve your work productivity using these powerful tools. You will see its great benefits, whether you work on small or large projects. In addition, it will increase the transparency and coordination between all the members of your team to achieve a great project .


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