What is it, what is it for and what is the origin of the Web 2.0 page?

The world web has an incalculable number of sites, a fact that has forced their developers to make a wide classification. Where not only the topic being discussed is taken into consideration, but also other very important aspects are affected.

Among these aspects are their evolution . For example, web 2.0 pages , a concept that has been applied to a large number of sites that are visited regularly by users, which are characterized mainly by their development and development.

What is web 2.0?

What is it?

Usually the term 2.0 is attributed in computer products, to a program that has been modified by its developers , and for the most part, it is much better than the original product. But this concept is something different from the web 2.0 page

The truth is that web 2.0 pages are considered as a social phenomenon where the participation by users in the sites has increased exorbitantly compared to the previous ones. In other words, in this case the user interacts much more.

The user on these pages can now express his opinion more frequently , leaving aside the concept that people accessed the network almost always passively, and very slightly conversed with another person on the site

What is the web 2.0 page for?

Since its inception, the concept has revolutionized the world in an astonishing way, beginning with the approach of people in the distance. That is, people who were located in different nations or continents are much more connected.

Another aspect for which these pages serve is that since their implementation, the sharing of information on various topics has improved . For example, researching certain methods for engineering students is often complex, but there are teachers on the internet that you can count on.

Another relevant factor is the market and trade of some products, normally merchants are in constant evasion of taxes that are applied to their sales. Therefore, many of them prefer to carry out this exchange through these types of pages.

What is the origin of the web 2.0 page?

As incredible as it may seem, this term is already more than 20 years old since its first use, which was made by Darcy DiNucci in 1999, in an article called “future defragmented.” But it was really until 2004 that said article really gained popularity.

In this year the computer scientist Dale Dougherty of the company Tim O’Reilly held his first meeting on Web 2.0 in October 2004. Where the companies Batelle and Medialive also participated, giving the first significant contribution to the concept of this new computer term.

What sites are considered web 2.0 pages?

Among the pages that are within this system we can mention those that have a Blog system such as Blogger.com or WordPress.com . The main reason is the incredible activity of the users on these sites.

We can also mention the popular social networks such as Facebook , Twitter, Instagram and among others. In which users very regularly access daily to share content and images with other people.

Other sites are those where you can upload files such as images, videos, music, and others. For example, YouTube, which is the page par excellence for viewing video, there are also platforms with a cloud service , and among many others.

We can say that web 2.0 is a term that has really changed the perception and concept of what it is to navigate from the point of view of users. Making it much more friendly and outgoing, exponentially improving the experience of those who use it.

Finally, we hope that this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear your opinion. Do you consider that web 2.0 pages are innovative and offer better efficiency? Leave us your answer in the comments.


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