What is Infinity + and how it works

Here’s what Infinity + is, how it works and how much it costs to stream TV series, movies and the UEFA Champions League.Infinity + is a  channel available on Mediaset Infinity which, by subscription, allows access to a wide range of films, television series and  the next three seasons of the UEFA Champions League . Read on to find out in detail what it is, how it works and how much Infinity + costs .

Born in December 2013 as a streaming platform of the Mediaset group  , with the name  Infinity TV , the service changed its name and functionality in April 2021, with the birth of  Mediaset Play Infinity , which became ” Mediaset Infinity ” one month later . new streaming platform of  the Mediaset Group  that brings in one place the entire offer of the Mediaset networks  and a multitude of  Premium Channels with films, TV series, documentaries, sports and much more, available by subscription.

  1. What is Infinity +
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What is Infinity +

Infinity + is one of the  channel made available by  Mediaset Infinity . When we talk about channels , we refer to the platform’s additional offerings that allow users to access a multitude of exclusive content and advanced features.

Available by subscription,  Infinity + allows you to have access to a wide range of television series ,  cinema (with a major film a week previewed with  Premiere ),  cartoons , the next three seasons of the UEFA Champions League (over 104 big matches available for the next season), and much more.

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How Infinity + works

Infinity + is available on PC and Mac from browsers , by connecting to the website www.mediasetplay.mediaset.it/infinity-plus , or from the Mediaset Infinity application , downloadable for free and usable from  mobile devices ,  tablets , recent Samsung Smart TVs, Hisense Smart TVs , LG Smart TVs ,  Android TVs and a multitude of other enabled devices .

To be able to see the contents available in the catalog, it is necessary to subscribe to  Mediaset Infinity by clicking on the word  Login which is located at the top right both from the Browser and from a mobile device and then select the item Don’t have an account? Register .  Once you have registered your account on  Mediaset Infinity , you can connect to the page www.mediasetplay.mediaset.it/infinity-plus , or select the menu item  Discover Infinity + and click on the item ” Activate now at € 7.99 / month ” . To be able to subscribe, you must enter a  valid payment method .

If you are in possession of a  Prepaid Pass or a  Promo Code , however, you can enter them in the appropriate items “Do you have a Pass?” and “Do you have a Promo Code? “, Which are respectively in the registration phase and on the service activation page.

How much does Infinity + cost

Infinity + offers its users  three different  types of subscription:  monthly ,  semi- annual and  annual . Here is the cost of each single subscription:

    at € 7.99per month
    MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION at € 39 every six months
    at € 69per year
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