Guarana is a plant used since ancient times for its medicinal properties and also to enhance the flavor of drinks prepared by the Maués. Members of this indigenous Amazon tribe were the first to prepare a drink with the seeds of guarana. The reason was that, having checked its stimulating effects, they used guarana when they needed to recover from an illness or an extra supply of energy.

Over time and the investigations carried out, it has been proven that the benefits of guarana are varied and have different applications. It contains phytochemicals such as tannins, caffeine and xanthines, all with properties to activate the body and strengthen the nervous system . This makes the guarana powder or the guarana capsules a food supplement highly appreciated by athletes. Improving physical and mental performance , as well as losing weight or maintaining it , it is possible to include guarana capsules in our diet.

Guarana can be consumed in different formats, either in powder or in capsules, depending on the case and the situation. In Sakai laboratories , pioneers in food products and phytotherapy with biological certification, they propose different formats of guarana to incorporate into the diet. Guarana capsules or guarana powder, both formats are a natural tonic that provides immediate energy to face the day to day.

The properties of Guarana for weight loss

This plant, whose use is prior to the discovery of America, is surrounded by a legend of the Maué. They believed that the Guarana sprouted after an evil spirit became a snake to kill the most special boy in the tribe.

But then a spirit of goodness, in the form of lightning, ordered that they plant their eyes so that a sacred plant would sprout from their shed tears. This plant was the Guarana, and for the Maués it would be food and medicine, which is why the tribe began to venerate this plant. For them, Guarana was a “long-lived elixir,” helping them fight many health problems and giving them energy.

The stimulant properties of Guarana are largely due to the caffeine they contain, which fights fatigue and stimulates mind and body. In fact, its concentration in caffeine is between 2 and 3 times higher than coffee. But unlike this, it is released in the body more slowly, giving a more lasting and effective result throughout the day.

Guarana favors the secretion of adrenaline, which means that fat is burned easily as the metabolism is more active. At the same time, guarana helps to keep the appetite under control, as it decreases the desire to eat. This peculiarity, together with the activation of metabolism, makes Guarana an aid to lose or control body weight.

Guarana to increase concentration

Both at work and in studies, when maximum concentration is needed for an exam or for a meeting, Guarana is very useful. By favoring the central nervous system, it improves performance and reaction capacity, delaying tiredness and fatigue. This is one of the reasons why Guarana is a great ally of athletes, as it helps them increase performance.

But the qualities of Guarana do not end there, because it even acts as an analgesic reducing pain sensations. It also improves digestion and has antioxidant properties even greater than green tea, fighting premature aging. By possessing cardiovascular properties that activate blood circulation, Guarana protects the health of the heart . Some people also use it to increase sexual libido .

With such a broad field of action, incorporating Guarana as a dietary supplement into our diet can significantly improve our day to day.


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