What is Google Play Pass?

Google is a company that focuses on bringing the greatest comfort and excellent services to all its users , for this reason it focuses all its resources to a great extent, on developing various elements and tools that its users like.

How to Subscribe and Register for Google Pass Easily

For this reason, one of the most recurrent searches within the network includes questions about how the use, subscription and registration of the Google Pass platform is handled, which is why we have created this post especially.

Google Pass, includes a new Google service, it wants to be a positive alternative to the Apple Arcade services, only this includes a different and totally opposite concept, since instead of looking for titles that are totally exclusive, it offers you multiple options that will be just as well known but also free.

What is Google Play Pass?

Google Play Pass is nothing more than a monthly subscription service, which for a comfortable fee gives you full access to a wide collection of games and also applications, which comes directly from the official Android application stores .

This service is quite similar to the one offered through the Apple Arcade platform, but what differentiates it is the fact that the games to which you have access are not entirely exclusive to the service itself, but rather for the On the contrary, they are from other more popular platforms.

The price of this platform in Spain is 4.99 euros per month, with which it not only benefits you to use it, but also, you will have the possibility of sharing said access with even up to five members of your family group group, the which you must have configured within your Google platform.

How is the registration within Google Play Pass

If you want to subscribe within the Google Play Pass platform, you only have to take short steps, which you can also do from the comfort of your mobile phone.

To begin, you must open Google Play from the application store, and after that, you must access the left side section, where you can find the match of options. Once there, you must click on the ” Play Pass ” option .

You will see that the page redirects you to a registration screen. In which you must press the “Start” button to start your registration, which also includes your first free month. Right at the bottom where the ” Start ” button is, you can also click inside the annual subscription that has a cost of € 29.99, for the year.

When you have chosen the subscription you want, you must enter the page to choose the payment method, for which you only have to press the ” Subscribe ” button and in this way, you only have to wait for the new window to be able to subscribe.

When you have effectively started your subscription, go to the lower section of your Google Play, in which you can see that a new section will appear, which you can see reflected as ” Play Pass “.

If you click on it, you will see that the complete catalog will be loaded with all the games and applications that are available for you to enjoy. Likewise, when you enter any application which is within the general catalog and also in the application, the same platform will notify you that you have the possibility of acquiring it with the Google Pass.

If, on the other hand, you want to complete the subscription you have made, you only have to do it before the end of the first month of trial and in this way you will not have to pay anything extra.

To do this, you just have to access the side menu of your Google Play application and after that, click on the ” Subscriptions ” section, there you will see a special button in which you can cancel said subscription and everything will be in order.


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