What is “Futurism”?

Futurism is the only corporate event in Mexico that offers investors a perspective on the future of tourism.

Many events focus on today and today’s trends. When an investor (who is a legal or natural person) decides to invest in the capital of a company, in particular real estate, he invests with a long-term perspective and wants to have a clear vision for the strategic planning of tourist complexes. Technology has become an important growth factor and the cornerstone for development in the coming years.

Futurism brings together in a complete program of 2 days, May 19 and 20, 2020 at the Asturian Center (Polanco neighborhood, Mexico City) 300 executives, CEOs, investors, developers, technology leaders, construction companies, embassies, architecture and platforms distribution, in an ambitious program enriched with discussion panels and speakers from the top companies in the tourism industry.

During these 2 days, experts will share their vision on:

  • Opportunities for investors in an uncertain economy
  • Technology as a differentiator and how the guest experience is changing
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning in the tourism industry
  • Ecotourism: creating experiences that differentiate your investment from your competitors and investing in the future of the planet.
  • The future in hotel design: innovate connected with nature
  • Leading through the “disruptive being”
  • Development of innovative products in hotel chains
  • Digital Marketing: New Ways of Doing Business
  • Disruptive e-Commerce
  • The future of hotel distribution

Sponsors will have the opportunity to confirm individual meetings with investors and benefit from a robust communication plan.

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