It took the Fall Guys creators exactly six days to get 2 million downloads. With that, the game passed Fortnite in the list of most popular games on Steam , an online game store. But what exactly is Fall Guys and how does the game work? You can read the answers to these questions in this blog.

An overview of this blog:

  • What is Fall guys
  • How does Fall Guys work
  • Minigames
  • What parents should pay attention to
  • How do you play Fall Guys

What exactly is Fall Guys?

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the full official name of the colorful game. You can play the game on a Windows PC or PlayStation 4. At the beginning of 2019, the game was announced at the E3 game fair and was positively received by the public. The game was officially launched on the PC on August 4th. Moments later on the PlayStation 4. In just six days the game was already number 1 of the most popular games. At the time of writing, the counter stands at over 8 million active players.
It is a colorful, cheerful game in which players move over an obstacle course like characteristic figures. The goal is for you to be last of all players and be crowned the winner (literally). And that is not as easy as it sounds. If 60 players have to get through 1 door as quickly as possible, you quickly lose the overview. In addition, players sabotage each other by pushing and blocking.
As with other Battle Royale Games , it is incredibly rewarding when you are the only one left. This in combination with the playful and innocent character makes it a very popular game.

The dolls are top heavy and waddle around the track. This makes controlling the figures more difficult.

How does Fall Guys work

The name of the game reveals a bit how it works. 60 players must move across an obstacle course (such as Wipe-out) in order to qualify for the next round. Players are eliminated after each round. Some of these rounds are obstacle courses and sometimes you have to play as a team. The final round is the Final. The small group that remains plays the final round in which only one is declared the winner. The dolls are top heavy and waddle around the track. This makes controlling the figures more difficult.
You play the game against 60 other players, therefore you must be connected to the internet. The game determines which rounds the players must play. The order of those “minigames” is never the same.

One of the many mini-games in the Fall Guys game.


Each match is made up of a number of mini games. In total there are 4 types of mini games:


The goal in a race is to get to the finish line as quickly as possible. About 2/3 of all 60 players can qualify for the next round. Are you too slow and do you cross the finish line later than the other players? Then you are disqualified. There are about nine theme races at game launch. From flying wrecking balls to a floor full of slow slime.


The goal is to survive. Players must stay alive until the timer goes off, or until all activities have been completed. For example, you have to stay on a revolving balance beam filled with obstacles. Or you have to get hold of a foxtail and keep it until the timer goes off.

Team Matches

The playing field is divided into teams in this game. You have to cooperate with the other players. This is how you play football together with a giant football. Or collect balls and don’t let other teams get them.

Final Round

Also called last round. The remaining players compete against each other for the Crown. Only one player can be crowned victorious.

In-game currency: pay with fake money

In Fall Guys you can use fake money (in-game currency) to get your doll to buy cosmetic modifications and unique objects (items). A player pays with two types of fake money: Kudos and Crowns.

You can get this fake money in two ways. When you complete a match (game round), the game rewards you with Kudos and Crowns. You can also buy Kudos and Crowns with real money.

What should you pay attention to as parents?

Fall Guys is a kid-friendly party game; players do not shoot or kill each other, and there is no aggression. There are a few things you should pay attention to as a parent.

From what age?

You can see that the game is child-friendly in the age rating: PEGI rating is from 3 years. This is of course an advice. As a parent, you ultimately decide for yourself what is best for your child.

In-game currency

Fake money from the game (the Kudos and Crowns) is earned by playing game rounds, but players can also buy this with real money. This way the game makers earn extra money from micro-transactions. They direct players to buy items. Often you have to play a lot of game rounds to buy an item, while for a few euros you get a lot of Kudos and Crowns.


Players can get a friend request through the game. Never share personal information with these players. Don’t you trust it? Then decline the request.

PlayStation Plus

Does your child want to play Fall Guys on the Playstation? Then he / she also needs a PlayStation Plus subscription. Such a subscription gives you the opportunity to play games online. Fall Guys won’t work without PlayStation Plus. PlayStation Plus costs 59.95 per year. So before buying the game, consider whether you have PlayStation Plus. You do not need a PlayStation Plus for players on the PC, just buying the game is enough.

Fall Guys Play

You can only play Fall Guys on PlayStation 4 and PC for now. There are reports that Fall Guys will be released on the Xbox switch and as a mobile game . We will update this blog when Fall Guys becomes available for these platforms. The game costs 19.99 euros and is therefore not free. (Tip: For Players with a Playstation Plus subscription, Fall Guys can be downloaded for free throughout August (2020))

Download Fall Guys Windows

To play Fall Guys via computer or PC, you need Steam. That is a gaming platform where you can buy and manage games. Search the SteamStore for Fall Guys or go to this link .

Download PlayStation Store.

The game can also be purchased and downloaded from PlayStation Store .


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