What is dyspareunia and what does it depend on

The forced coexistence in this period, which has been going on for several weeks now, could have some news in the couple. In some cases a rapprochement, due to the longer time spent together, in other cases some difficulties that may be due to intimate issues.

Dyspareunia , or pain during sexual intercourse, is a disorder that can have a major impact on intimate life, making it more difficult and less pleasant. It is a set of annoyances that can negatively impact the couple in general and long-term couples in particular, precisely because dyspareunia can appear in menopause .

And in this lock-down period, during which we spend more time together and in which there are more opportunities for cuddling and attempts to approach, pain during sexual intercourse could be a problem .

What is dyspareunia and what does it depend on

It is generally called  dyspareunia a pain that accompanies the sexual act , before, during or at the end, up to two days after. As mentioned,  after menopause it  is a very frequent disorder but it can occur even earlier in a smaller percentage (in 12-15% of women), even if the causes are often of a different nature.

To understand  the nature of dyspareunia it  is important to be an expert in menopause. Even this type of pain, in fact, has solid  biological causes that can be identified early  with an accurate medical history also to avoid worsening, chronicization and comorbidities “.

If you want to know more you can watch the video of Professor Emmanuele Jannini

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Stop pampering, say no: if it’s not just a question of desire

There are more occasions in these weeks, but unfortunately it is not always a way to bring the couple back together. There can be many situations in which love and intimacy can become physically and psychologically painful due to dyspareunia .

A brutal but necessary question: does he know? Does he know what your problem is? Do you know why you pull back sometimes? One of the best things to do in this case – and one of the first if you feel you have such discomfort – could be to talk to your partner about it: tell about what happens to your body, tell him that you know it’s nothing. serious and that you will soon resolve the situation with the help of your trusted gynecologist. The fact of reassuring him too will make everything much less “secret”, much less embarrassing.

If the feeling between you is still high, you will find a way to exchange cuddles and caresses in a respectful and conscious way as long as the situation does not evolve for the better. To find the best solution for you,  talk to your gynecologist

If there is no dialogue with the partner, the risk is that he thinks it is a question linked to the desire, the desire to be together that is missing and therefore to a relationship that no longer works as it once did. But it’s not always just a matter of desire and there is a part of you that would gladly do without indulging because the problem is pain .

If there is a painful stimulus, in fact there can be a psychological counterpart  that  feeds  on what the cerebral cortex registers. A continuous and constant pain causes mental illness , it can generate a flow of negative emotions that can cause  more pain and even lower the threshold of tolerance .

Take the opportunity of this extended time to solve your intimate problems

Precisely these long days in which you too are probably forced to stay at home and therefore with more time available to be with your partner, take the opportunity to find the right moment and talk to him about your intimate problems . It may also be a great relief for you to explain what is troubling you and making you uncomfortable.

In addition, this is the right time to plan the next visit to the gynecologist that you can also do with your partner: the doctor himself will facilitate the dialogue with you and with your partner, explaining well what are the causes and consequences of dyspareunia , what is the best way to recover intimacy and love in a gradual but complete way.



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