What is dragon breath and what is it for in Minecraft? How to get dragon breath

In Minecraft there are a large number of objects or treasures that we can get throughout our journey by playing. Many times, having so many objects within our reach, we can get confused and not know exactly what they work for. If this is your case, no problem, because here we show you what dragon’s breath is and what it is for in Minecraft .

This wonderful object can be very valuable and useful when playing, in addition, it allows us to create many more things from it. If you keep reading, you will discover how to get dragon breath easily, and how you can get the most out of it once you have it at your fingertips.

What is and what is Dragon Breath in Minecraft for? How to Get Dragon Breath?

What is dragon breath?

Minecraft is a game that is characterized by having a great variety of options and objects, so many that it can sometimes be difficult to remember each and every one of them.

Among those objects that make life much easier for us when we play, is the unique and special dragon breath. Basically, this item added in version 1.9 in Minecraft snapshot 15w33a is an excellent ingredient for making potions . This makes it possible for us to convert splash potions to persistent potions, which can be much more useful in-game.

The difference between these two potions is that the persistent ones cause a much longer effect to anyone who receives it, since it will remain on the ground to which we throw it for a while.

Instead, Splash Potions only work at cast time. That’s why, being so difficult to obtain and so useful within the game, Dragon’s Breath is one of the most coveted items of any Minecraft player.

How to get dragon breath in Minecraft?

One of the main objectives of the player when starting or creating a world in Minecraft, is to go to the end and defeat the dragon, although some prefer to tame this dragon . This is not easy at all, as it will require that we have advanced a lot in the game and that we have enough resources to survive. But all this effort will be worth it, since in the end we can get the dragon’s breath.

After much effort and struggle, when we have managed to kill the dragon , we can collect its breath. Along with an exorbitant amount of experience points, we will also see a large amount of breath fall .

Which we can recompile with the help of glass bottles that we have previously carried. Of course, we need to be cautious and carry all the bottles we can.

What else should we know about Minecraft’s dragon breath?

Although we have managed to obtain the dragon breath that we wanted so much, it is necessary that you take into account several aspects so that you use it in the best possible way. To begin, you must remember that this object cannot be ingested by players directly , but can only be ingested through the potions that we create with it.

Likewise, you must bear in mind that to make potions you need a cauldron , among other things, which can be done very easily as well.

One fact that you will be happy to know is that this raw material item can be stacked or stacked in any inventory, chest, backpack or some other storage location. This can certainly be of great help to any player, especially those who are not always in a fixed place.

It will also help to keep in mind that, in order to use dragon breath, you need a potion holder. With this tool, which is crafted or created with a stick of blaze and stone, we can make all the potions we want and create new mixtures.

Of course, we must remember that this object is the one that takes the longest to add to the splash potions, so we must be patient.

Likewise, if you have any questions or want to know more about the use and obtaining of dragon’s breath, we encourage you to visit the large number of Minecraft tutorials available on YouTube.

We hope that all this information can be of great use to you, and that you can go very far in the game with the great help of the dragon’s breath.


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