What Is Contraband In Smuggling;5 Types You Must Know

Contraband , term applied to illegal traffic in general, and hence to goods smuggled into a country. More generally the term is reserved for  war, the name applied to certain commodities which, during time of war, it is forbidden for neutral nations to supply to either of the belligerents. Contraband  of war includes all directly military implements, such as guns, ammunition, tents and military stores, and under conditions of total war these can extended to include raw materials, food and anything which might assist the enemy’s war potential.

What Is Contraband In Smuggling;5 Types You Must Know

The control of Contraband is one of the most valuable weapons of sea-power. It was invoked by Elizabeth I in 1589; during the latter part of the war with France in 1709—13; by Pitt in his ‘Rule for War’ in 1756; in rely to Napoleon’s Order in Council of 1806. At the London Conference of 1808 an attempt was made to estab. a new code regarding the carriage of Contraband,the impracticability of which was demonstrated as soon as the First World War broke out.

Britain had not in fact ratified the provisions of the conference, but.the U S.A. and other neutrals demanded her acceptance of them, which was refused and this led to much ill-feeling. Gradually by a series of Orders in Council the list of C. articles was extended, but it took 2 years before Germany began to feel the effect of the economic blockade to which she was being subjected. It is now accepted that this last became a major factor in ensuring her defeat.

t is also considered contraband to the sale of goods without paying the corresponding receipts that must be paid to the state.contraband can be classified into two types: open contraband , this is given that name because it is based on evading the control that is considered “legal” executed by customs, the transport of the different goods is done through roads. Second is Alternates across the border, to achieve the entry of these products by places “not authorized” for such function.

Here Are Some Types of Technical Contraband That You May Not Have Known:

to. Under-invoicing: Register with the customs authority, purchase price of the product is very lower than the real one. The smugglers use it to pay less tariffs and less sales tax. They use false invoices issued by irregular companies, which modify the information of the product by the real supplier.

Change of origin. 

The smuggler changes the identification of the country of origin of the goods. The profit sought by criminals is to benefit from special treatments and agreed upon in free trade agreements.Taking advantage of this situation, the smugglers falsely declare before the customs authority to receive exemptions or reduction of the payment of tariffs to which they are not entitled.

Change of tariff items. 

It is to bring one product but to declare another. For example, the smuggler enters the country, but declares another item of clothing that has a lower tariff.

Dumping .

Higher-than-real prices in the import declaration in order to hide dumping practices – which are intended to sell products below cost in order to eliminate other producers and traders  in clear violation of the anti-dumping norms. unfair competition in the international arena.

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