What is conductivity for in Minecraft? All the enchantments of the trident

When you hear about conductivity in Minecraft many things may come to mind, and although here you can already get an idea with the title, the truth is that it is better to be clear about it.

In this sense, conductivity is another of the spells included in the game . Unlike other spells, this one has a fairly limited and specific purpose that you can take advantage of if you find it-

What is the use of conductivity in Minecraft?

Conductivity or “Channeling” is an exclusive enchantment of water propulsion, that is, it is associated, in this case, only with the instrument or weapon known as a “Trident”.

Although this enchantment can only be used the trident, this tool can accept other spells such as impalement that serves to cause damage to aquatic creatures.

It has the particularity of being available from version 1.13 of Minecraft. It only has one level of enchantment, so its effectiveness and application is unique and does not vary based on other factors.

Now, as for the usefulness or operation of conductivity in Minecraft. It is used for the enchanted Trident to fire a ray on the goal or objective set by the player who carries it.

Basically the weapon is in charge of channeling the rays during storms. Therefore, when activated on a character or creature, it will be hit by the lightning that has been collected.

On the other hand, it is a spell totally incompatible with the enchantment “Aquatic propulsion”, although it can be paired with the spell of “Loyalty” , which is also typical of these aquatic elements.

What are all the enchantments of the Trident?

In addition to conductivity, in Minecraft the Trident has other enchantments unique to its condition as a water-powered weapon. However, there are other general spells that can affect him as well, get to know them below.


Also known as “Loyalty”, it is an enchantment with a maximum level of 3 points. Its power or function is to make the Trident, after being thrown, immediately return to its owner.

By having more than one level, this weapon has the condition that, the higher the level of enchantment it has, the faster it will return to its owner. However, this spell cannot be applied in parallel with “Water Propulsion”.


In English called “Impaling”, is another of the spells that can only be used on Tridents. Its main characteristic is that it increases the damage that can be caused to those creatures that have been generated in the ocean in a natural way.

It is an enchantment that has a total of five levels, affecting the additional damage to cause. In addition to this, it is a spell that does not present any problem with the other spells, and can be used in parallel.

Aquatic propulsion – Marine current

Called “Riptide”, it is a spell that has 3 different levels, and has the limitation of only working while the player who owns it is located in the water, or if it is raining at that time.

In this sense, what you will achieve when using it is to shoot out next to the weapon, so that you carry out lunges against the creatures, managing to generate damage through said shock.

However, it is important to mention that you will also receive physical damage from this contact with these hostile creatures. As you have already read before, it is an enchantment that has incompatibility with “Conductivity” in Minecraft and “Loyalty”.


Distinguished as “Unbreaking”, or known as an unbreakable enchantment. It is a spell that is not exclusive to the Trident but that can be used on it, increasing its durability.

It has 3 different levels, each one with a percentage of increase in resistance according to its presentation.


Called “Mending”, it is not a unique enchantment for the Trident either, but with it it is possible to recover the durability that the weapon has lost, that is, in exchange for experience, you can repair it and avoid losing it.

Curse of separation

As its name implies, the “Curse of Vanishing” is responsible for causing the destruction, in this case, of the Trident that has been enchanted if the player who owns it dies, preventing it from being loose in place like the other objects.

Other related enchantments are Aquatic Affinity , although this is applied to a helmet instead of the trident. It is also a great help when the task you want to complete is in the water.

In case you don’t know, before carrying out any spells or enchantments. You should have on hand an enchantment table with a library and the object to sing, or an anvil and the object to enchant. It will also be very useful to have an enchanted book .


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