What Is Co-Existence In Human Values

What Is Co-Existence In Human Values.We consider human values ​​the positive aspects that we have and that allow us to live with other people in a fair way, to achieve a global benefit as a society . Therefore, although we talk about a person’s values, in reality we do not understand human values ​​as an essentially individual trait, quite the opposite: values ​​that are as useful and beneficial for us as for those who live in our community.

What Is Co-Existence In Human Values

Let’s look at some of the coexistence guidelines that usually apply:

  • Responsibility .  Those that arise from the sense of responsibility, among which are meeting schedules and commitments that are assigned, carrying out functions and behavioral guidelines that must be respected.
  • Respect .  Those that have to do with respect, such as accepting other people’s points of view, not discriminating and trying to understand and be patient with others.
  • Honesty . Those linked to honesty, such as taking responsibility for one’s own mistakes.
  • Solidarity . Solidarity ones, such as collaborating with the care of the place, integrating new people who arrive, helping without expecting a reward and advocating for reaching agreements on the decisions that must be made together.

There are hundreds of moral values ​​that guide human beings – and, often, we can understand some of them as extensions of others, such as the constructive criticism of empathy or sensitivity – therefore, although it is impossible to establish a list hierarchical of all of them due to their importance, we can talk about those human values ​​to which we give more importance as a society.


Kindness is one of the most general human values ​​of our being. It can translate into hundreds and hundreds of thousands of actions depending on each context, but it always includes the desire to do good, have good intentions with other people, be kind or help to the best of our ability.


As a virtue, sincerity translates into living and relating without hidden intentions through our actions or words. It is one of the moral values ​​par excellence, since being sincere with oneself always leads us to be sincere with others.


Likewise, empathy is closely related to sincerity. Whoever seeks goodness, happiness or sincerity with oneself, understands that any human being also lives in constant search for the same. Therefore, empathy, which helps us put ourselves in the situation of our fellow human beings, also helps us understand them, support them and help them when necessary, which is the same thing we want, isn’t it?


Like other related values ​​such as joy or optimism, love is, most likely, one of the strongest feelings of a human being: love for art!, for our loved ones!, love for what we we make! As a human value, love is the engine that initiates giving and receiving, living together, sharing, respecting or trusting.


Contrary to the here and now, patience teaches us to fight for what we want, to tolerate discomfort or worry, and to understand that there are good days and bad days, but few unsolvable problems.


We could have chosen other values, such as friendship, but  we know that gratitude is, almost always, the greatest reward for those who give and the great gesture for those who receive. It is as simple and as complex in itself as thanking the people who have helped or supported us.


Unlike gratitude, forgiveness not only empowers us as people, but also allows us to show the correct path to that individual who has done wrong with us and perhaps with third parties; With forgiveness we give up punishment or revenge against a person who behaved unfairly towards us.


Humility is based on the fact that no one knows everything. As human beings, we move between our own limits and weaknesses; A humble person knows that together we are more, and, therefore, he cares about the good of everyone around him.


In turn, responsibility takes on many facets, from the collective to the individual linked to our duties, commitments and obligations with third parties. Perhaps it is one of the most difficult human values, and for which we recommend that you always remember that responsibility begins with yourself.


Solidarity is the feeling and principle that allows us to help any human being at any time, especially in situations of helplessness, and we believe that it includes many of the human values ​​that we have been able to talk about in this article, such as kindness , love, humility or empathy. Because we believe that learning about them is a good way to grow as people, and helping others to educate themselves in values ​​is the best way to build a better world.

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