What is chemistry and chemical compounds?

With the collaboration of Inga. Daniella Suger Bedorin, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering of Galileo University, we will learn about chemistry and the chemical compounds that exist around us.

Chemistry is a branch of science that is dedicated to studying the elements on their own, but also the ways in which they interact with other atoms of the same element or with atoms of different elements.

Chemistry studies its composition, structure, properties and behavior; It is also responsible for studying what happens when we mix substances and chemical reactions occur. 

On this subject, we spoke with Inga. Daniella Suger Bedorin , Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering of Galileo University.  When two or more atoms of the same element come together, a molecule is formed,” he explains.

“And when two or more atoms of different elements are joined, a chemical compound is formed, we can also call chemical compounds molecules”, he adds.

When two or more atoms of the same element come together, a molecule is formed.

Chemical reaction

Molecules and compounds often come into contact with each other, and what is known as a chemical reaction occurs.

In a chemical reaction two or more substances are transformed in order to produce a new substance or substances that have different properties than the original substances that were mixed.

“Chemistry is in everything that surrounds us, including ourselves,” says the expert. 

The human body is made up of various chemical compounds.

In the human body

The human body is made up of various chemical compounds; However, more than 90% is made up of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus. Many chemical reactions also take place.

“Let’s analyze one of them: What happens every time we breathe?” Asks Suger Bedorin, who, in addition to being a Chemical Engineer, is also Coordinator of the Galileo University Network for Environmental Responsibility.

“We inhale oxygen and when we exhale we release carbon dioxide. How did this change come about? ”, He adds.

“Through a chemical reaction, our cells break down oxygen together with glucose to produce water, energy for our body and the carbon dioxide that we release we exhale,” he explains.

Chemical compounds are present in the products we use for household cleaning and personal care, among others.

Where do we find chemical compounds?

As in our body where we use the chemical compounds that come from what we eat to produce energy, the compounds and chemical reactions are present in everything natural that is around us.

But also in everything that is created by human beings. Where can we find chemical compounds:

  • In food
  • In all the personal care products we use, like toothpaste
  • They are also present in the products we use to clean the home
  • In medicines that help us take care of our health
  • In the technology products we use, among others

But not all chemical compounds are the same and therefore the impact they can have on our body and our environment can be positive or it can be negative.

It is important that you know the compounds you are eating or using.

There are some chemical compounds that can be harmful to us and our health and some that can have a negative impact on our environment causing pollution.

“It is important that we know well which are those compounds that we are eating or using and the impacts that these can have”, recommends the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering.

“I invite all of us to make use of the tools we have available, such as the Internet and books, to learn more about the fascinating world of chemistry,” he concludes.


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