What is certified public accountant?

Today all companies face new challenges daily due to economic changes and the evolution of technology. This implies that they have to be more innovative, strengthen their productivity margins , and have a broad understanding of what the consumer wants to satisfy their need in a satisfactory way.

That is, projects, objectives, and plans must be accounted for according to costs and budget already raised  at the beginning of the fiscal year. He has to supervise and control each of the processes within the company, take care of employee training, instill a sense of commitment and the optimal use of cash flow.

It is necessary to inquire into what are the objectives and analysis of the organizational markets so that the company is on par with the business and organizational world. To keep track of economic resources, companies use accounting as a useful tool with which to analyze, evaluate, financial statements.

The accounting is carried out by qualified personnel who are in charge of registering and examining the accounting books . The people who have this responsibility are the public accountants.

What is a certified public accountant?

public accountant is a person trained at a professional level who is responsible for examining, managing, guiding, and showing the accounting that a person or company contains.

He is part of society, not only because he has knowledge, it is because that knowledge is used to help others, especially companies, to be reliable and permanent.

The accountant not only records the financial statements but also drafts the corresponding accounting reports for them to be analyzed by managers and administrators with the purpose that according to the results of the same they can make decisions.

When developing the report, you should ask yourself questions about what you are going to report, to whom you will provide that information, and for the reasons you will make the report.

You can use this information for your investors or shareholders, the heads of the various departments, creditors, suppliers, the legal and fiscal authorities, the banks. Your public accountant ensures that all registered operations comply with the standards established both by international regulations and those in your country.

This registration is usually done manually in the accounting books to have physical bases as well as computer programs to save time and resources. Another of the responsibilities of your accountant is that the payment of taxes is up to date, it can also carry out internal audits to each department that works in your company.

You can also carry out this audit on people or companies outside your company because they are able to exercise their profession freely if they wish only if they are registered with the accountants’ association. You must ensure that the report is transparent, that is, that they show the real data without hiding details or possible errors or mistakes on the part of your company.

What are the requirements to be a certified public accountant and practice the profession?

At the end of your career as a public accountant, it is essential that you certify your degree to be able to practice your profession freely or in a renowned company . This certificate gives much more value to your degree, and above all because it will open the doors to new job opportunities.

To become a public accountant and practice your profession freely, you must meet the following requirements that I will give you below:

  1. During your university studies you must witness in your classes a total of more than 150 hours not less than the hours already mentioned.
  2. In your university training in auditing or accounting studies, you must have passed approximately 50 subjects.
  3. Be a graduate in public accounting or auditing careers. This is one of the main requirements for the certificate.
  4. Upon completion of your university education in the aforementioned careers, you must have 2 years of experience having worked in the areas of knowledge in both public and private accounting.
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