What Is Catalogue;Why It Is Important For Sales And Purchase?

Catalogue is an expensive promotional device which few artists produce, though most auction houses and many galleries do. Occasionally, artists will either produce their own catalogues or band together with other artists and cooperatively publish.

What Is Catalogue;Why It Is Important For Sales And Purchase?

Slick catalogues are good sales tools but, if the catalogue is not first-rate, it will reflect poorly on the artist. Thus, if you cannot afford a superior catalogue, you may consider purchasing ad re-prints or flyers. Publishing a catalogue is a job for a skilled publisher, and most artists would rather invest their time and energies in creating their art.

Catalogues play several roles in the art business. Exhibition catalogues are created for the sole purpose of depicting and describing the artwork in an exhibition. Museum catalogues are pre-pared for special shows of works on display or in the museum’s permanent collection. Mail order catalogues customarily contain works which are produced in multiples and offered for sale by, for ex-ample, galleries, museum gift shops, or artists’ coops.

The catalogs are used to know all the products offered in order to make a choice. They are very useful when you can not see the items differently, for example because there is no sales area. 

Definition Of A Commercial Catalog

The commercial catalog, often referred to as a product catalog.Its main objective is to highlight the products and / or services of a company in order to encourage customers and future customers. There are two main types of commercial catalog.

  • The paper catalog

The paper catalog is a physical medium, consisting of several pages, which consists of the detailed presentation of each product. The paper catalog is designed to present a great deal of information, from illustrations to sales descriptions, for to convince potential customers to make purchases.

  • The digital catalog

The digital catalog is a digital version of the paper catalog, where the descriptions and data sheets of each product are available online. As a marketing support, it boosts sales and promotes the visibility of the company with its customers of the day and its future customers.

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