What is CarKey and how to configure it

Over the years we find very interesting features. One of them is CarKey , because if you have a car it allows you to open the door using the iPhone or Apple Watch as if it were the key . Isn’t it cool?

CarKey: what is it

In the new version of iOS 13.4 we have just found a very interesting feature that certainly will not go unnoticed. We are facing a feature known as CarKey (not to be confused with CarPlay) and that the translation is car key. Indeed, that’s where the shots go.

CarKey allows you to control different aspects of the car via NFC . As we have been able to find out, users will be able to use it in vehicles that are compatible with NFC and from the iPhone or Apple Watch . On both devices. Being able to unlock the car door just by bringing the mobile or the clock closer.

In addition, you can share the information with third parties, which is ideal if the car is used by several people or you share it with third parties, for example, friends or members of your family. Because of this, Apple is already working with manufacturers to implement it.

How does it work?

It’s as easy as holding your iPhone or Apple Watch close to the reader . At that time, it will work automatically and the car door will open, without using faceID.

It will not be necessary to use Face ID or Touch ID as we anticipated. And it can even be used even if you run out of battery , because it is paired via Wallet.

Configure it from Wallet

However, you can configure it to always adapt it to your needs. For example, you can change the express mode settings from the Wallet section .

Although we found the reference to CarKey in this version of iOS 13.4, it may still come later. What is clear is that we are very close to being able to open the car without the need for a key thanks to Apple.

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