What is Boom Beach? – New from Super Cell, the creators of Clash of Clans

Do you like strategy games?. Boom Beach is for you. Created by Super cell a Finnish company with branches on other continents. They are the same creators of games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Hay Day. For the year 2014 it surprises again with a game that promises to catch users, it is none other than Boom Beach. It is available for Android and iOS users. But what is Boom Beach ?

What is Boom Beach? – New from Super Cell, the Creators of Clash of Clans

What is Boom beach

Boom Beach , its name gives us some indication of the type of game, the main stage is a beach. You will need some planning to fight the computer that controls your enemy. Or you can put your skills to the test by facing other players online, carrying out great battles.

You will have an island and near the beach you must establish your operations center and organize to defend your base , so you can resist the attacks of your opponents.

Boom Beach offers you many options to build defenses. It has various units for the attack that you can combine in your planning, against the Dark Guard. Whose sole objective is to invade your island by landing his troops. You can defend yourself in the same way by creating your army and embarking on an invasion of enemy islands.

Strategy game

You must be a very good strategist to fight the Dark Guard. It will have under its control numerous islands to exploit its resources. Your objective is to free them and defend the captive inhabitants of the Dark Guard. In these liberation campaigns the game offers you some extras that make this virtual expedition more interesting.

A good attack strategy will be the key to weakening the enemy. Attacking their buildings, depleting their resources and freeing slaves. As you do this, you will earn your own resources. While the liberation campaigns are running, you will get gems that allow you to speed up time. Mysterious ancient statues and by raiding the bases of the opponents you will have rewards.

These rewards and resources such as gold, wood, stone will be necessary to build your buildings. You can also pay for the creation of your army of soldiers. You can also win and get free gems which is the currency of the game, also win diamonds. They will allow to speed up some processes within the game or to make some improvements in the territory that the troops travel through. It is worth mentioning that you will not always get these gems for free.

Similarities and differences with its predecessors

The technique of the Boom Beach game is similar to that of Clash of Clans, only that within it the buildings can be improved or built only simultaneously, in addition the soldiers who survive the expeditions on the enemy islands can return to the base of operations on the island unlike Clash of Clans and the best of all differences is that the game’s graphics surpass its predecessors.

Supercell really knows how to reach users, it kept its Freemium game strategy and allows the connection between players in real time, thus making the interaction in the game more fun, the participants can attack each other, invade their islands and test their military planning in real time.

Supercell’s business strategy remained in Boom Beach, although you can play for free, the platform develops profits through the purchases that players make from the app, what purchases? If the player wants additional gems or more diamonds, they must make the purchase using the treasure boxes that appear on the map.

Boom Beach tests the audacity and management of any player and if you like planning you will surely be trapped by this game that requires skills and good strategies for the troops to defeat the enemy, it is available for Android and iOS, you can also download to your PC , we hope now you are clear that it is Boom Beach and you are encouraged to play a while.


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