What Is Biomag;Does Biomag Really Lose Weight?

Biomag is a medicine based on sibutramine hydrochloride.This medicine is very effective in the treatment of obesity .It acts on the hypothalamus, the region of the brain responsible for anxiety and hunger.This oral medication leads to weight loss through two mechanisms: it increases the feeling of satiety, which consequently causes the food intake to be smaller and increases the energy of the individual.

What Is Biomag;Does Biomag Really Lose Weight?

Biomag Side Effects

Delirium; insomnia; Headache; tingling; nausea; feeling thirsty; tachycardia;constipation; sweating; changes in taste; dry mouth; palpitations.

Contraindications of Biomag

Pregnancy; lactation; history of anorexia nervosa; hypersensitivity to sibutramine;

How Biomag Tablet Is Used

Take 1 capsule (10 mg) of Biomag every day with or without food.

If there is no loss of at least 2 kg in the first 4 weeks of treatment the dose should be increased to 15 mg per day.

Does Biomag really lose weight?

Yes, it is able to actually make people slim but their risks of side effects are high, so every case should be reviewed by your doctor.

What Are The Risks And Dangers Of Its Use

Before taking BIOMAG, it is very important to keep an eye on the contraindications. The medicine is not recommended for people under 16 or over 60, it should not be ingested by hypertensive people. This medication for weight loss can also be harmful for those who have glaucoma, heart disease, eating disorders, hypothyroidism or a history of alcoholism.

Benefits of using Natural Biomag Medicine

There are several effects associated with its use, such as:

  • Fast and healthy weight loss in the first days of use;
  • Accelerated metabolism;
  • Fighting cellulite;
  • Increased fat burning;
  • Detoxification of the body (elimination of toxins that cause weight gain);
  • Reduction of belly bloating and net retention;
  • Weight loss without starving or doing boring exercises at the gym;
  • Promotes the sensation of satiety in the stomach, eliminating the hunger out of time;
  • Increased energy and readiness for day to day activities.

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