What is AWS and how does it work? Amazon Web Services Features

Advances in technology make it possible to simplify many activities, and it is normal that just one click can do wonders. For example, Amazon is one of the companies that puts advantages and benefits at the service of its users, being the most popular in the world. And in this article we will explain what Amazon Web Services is , and why it is one of the best options adopted today.

What is Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services is a public cloud platform also called Web services, which generally form a cloud software platform . This is used in applications such as Dropbox, Foursquare, Hootsuite, as well as 170 comprehensive data center services worldwide.

AWS is used by millions of customers, including development companies and government institutions, to cut costs and increase speed .

What is Amazon Web Services for?

As we explained above, Amazon Web Services is a globally secure and optimal cloud content mobility option . Next, we explain what Amazon Web Services is for, so that you take into account the details of this digital platform.

  • With AWS you can upload files to the cloud for backup.
  • This platform allows hosting Web pages.
  • It is available online for those who need it.
  • You can perform complex mathematical calculations, and at the same time ask the cloud to map out insurance company locations after a financial failure.
  • You can safely store photos without fear of plagiarism or identity theft.

These are the services that this platform offers to users worldwide, with a fairly large demand rate in the digital world.

Amazon Web Services Policy

With Amazon Web Services you pay for the services it provides to its customers, the best of all is that a minimal cost is paid . In short, you pay for the time and use that you give to the digital cloud, using a millimeter calculation. And if you want “Customer Service”, you will have to make a separate contract if you need it, also at a low cost.

Is the AWS platform secure?

The developers created it in a flexible and secure context according to what is currently expected of a global computing system. This platform is so secure that it is among the best cloud storage services , it was also designed under international security protocols.

Other features of AWS or Amazon Web Services

As we have talked about in this article, there are many businessmen and government entities that have placed their trust in this platform. For that reason, we explain some features that can, and will surely catch your attention, so keep reading more about Amazon Web Services.

  • App Web: with this network you can create Web pages Create extensible and high-performance websites with extensive functions that guide modern and innovative applications.
  • Big data and HPC: You can transform data quickly with available computing tools and resources designed and built to process data quickly. And also instantly accessing a large amount of computing resources designed to handle large volumes of data.
  • Applications for companies: Companies can move to the digital cloud with secure and high-performance formulas , also for those business applications that are frequent and personalized.
  • Backup and storage: Preserve information safely with built-in encryption, and that have been designed to provide durability according to the level of service.
  • Disaster recovery: By having your data protected, you can recover it in the event of a disaster or an unforeseen incident that you suffer in the company.
  • Multimedia content: With this option, you can safely store information in multimedia format.
  • Health and Scientific Sector: Institutions related to the health and life sciences sector choose to use Amazon Web Services for basic and clinical level biomedical research.

We hope this article helps you understand the great facets that this web service platform fulfills , including being able to understand what Amazon Drive is,   which together with Amazon Web Services will bring you many benefits.


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