What is AWS? [Amazon Web Services]

Discover what Amazon Web Services is, AWS, understanding its main advantages and situations in which the service can be useful.

Bringing a cloud service used by countless customers around the world, Amazon Web Services promises to help companies reduce costs and innovate faster. There are many items in which the company claims to guarantee the best quality. Learn more about what the company has to offer and what AWS is all about .

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Amazon Web Services (Image: Disclosure)

The AWS ( Amazon Web Services ) is a cloud computing service developed by Amazon. It offers more than 200 complete data center services worldwide. With this, it ends up bringing more resources than other cloud providers, according to the company itself.

The service provides these technological services on demand over the internet with payment as per the consumption of the company or the user. The intention is to assist in the virtual management of any application without upfront costs or fixed commitments.

Some of the services, projects and resources offered are focused on infrastructure technologies such as:

  • Computing;
  • Storage and database;
  • Machine learning;
  • Artificial intelligence;
  • Data lakes;
  • Analysis;
  • Internet of Things, among others.

Launched in 2006, AWS began as an organizing system to handle the company’s sales operations. In 2021, it already offers assistance from data centers to various corporations such as private companies, software developers , government agencies, educational institutions, etc.

The data centers distributed around the world are divided into areas called AZs ( availability zones ). A company that wants to contract AWS services needs to choose one or more zones that best fits its goals with the cloud service.

One of its advantages is the large data storage space it offers customers. For example, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) has as its main feature a form of object storage with scalability, data availability and security.

According to the 2021 Magic Quadrant , AWS is the leader in Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services. Its placement is above companies like Microsoft and Google .

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