What is and what is the director mode in GTA 5? – Grand theft auto 5 director mode tutorial

Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the best games in the franchise and the most anticipated by the public since the launch of the fourth edition. It has a large number of updates to its gameplay and new tools that guarantee a more captivating experience, among which the director mode in GTA 5 stands out.

It is an innovative option, especially for those players who want to upload quality content to their own YouTube channels Literally, it allows the user to recreate his own scenes acting as a director, so that he is able to create endless videos.

What is director mode in GTA 5?

Before knowing exactly what this innovation is about, you should keep in mind that it is only available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The director mode is nothing more than a function accessible from the Rockstar Editor with which it is possible to create and edit Grand Theft Auto 5 videos that can later be shared online.

Both the Rockstar editor and director mode in GTA 5 work together to offer greater scope when it comes to video recording. With the editor, multiple are the tools available to the user. They range from filters and camera placement to including background music to add a special touch to the overall scene.

Thanks to both, the player is able to carry out a file with the best video captures within the game, executing any kind of activity.

Subsequently, once finalized and the latest modifications have been added, it can be uploaded to the “Rockstar Social Club” on YouTube to show the experiences lived (obviously first you have to join, register and log in to the social club ).


With the director mode, a single actor can be chosen from a long list of up to 276 candidates including the same main characters from GTA 5 or secondary characters from history or animals. These are divided into 17 different categories so there will be plenty of alternatives to execute any type of project from different approaches.

To run the director mode in GTA 5 it is necessary to start the game first from any previously mentioned console at your disposal. Enter the ” Phone ” of any of the protagonists and select the contact “Acting up” to open the Rockstar editor. Finally press “Director mode” in the third line of the menu that appears on the screen.

What is the director mode for?

First of all, this mode is only accessible when the player is not immersed in the “first person” game system . In addition, it is necessary to give potential emphasis to this tool.

Which means that no different action can be performed that has to do with the recording. That is, missions and other important events that occur throughout the game cannot be filmed.

Launch Director Mode in GTA 5 as explained above or if you are playing GTA: Online, just press “ Menu ” and press “Director Mode” . Choose the character you want and start shooting.

The director mode is a world apart that includes all the ” hacks ” or “tricks” of previous versions without having to enter old codes. (so it is not necessary to configure and install mods ) Once inside it, you will have a wide range of clever alternatives to play and record.


Enter ” Menu ” and go to view the director mode options, then select ” Settings ” to start the party. A new menu will appear with plenty of options to choose the setting for your scene.

As a main course you can determine the density of pedestrians or vehicles. And also the time of day the filming takes place, the weather, the search status, etc.

In the same way, you can make it even more interesting by becoming invincible or by placing the option to dive and swim in GTA 5 infinitely. Everything will depend on the imagination that you impregnate the game.


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