What Is And pluribus unum

And pluribus unum is the national motto of the United States . Translated from Latin , it means “of many, one”. It refers to the integration of the thirteen independent colonies in a united country, and has taken on another meaning, the pluralistic nature of American society due to immigration. The motto was chosen by the first committee of the Great Seal in 1776 , at the beginning of the American Revolution . The suggestion came from Pierre Eugene DuSimitiere. In 1956, the motto In God We Trust was created, also a national motto. [ 1 ]

The phrase originally came from Moretum , a poem written by Virgílio whose subject was a salad recipe. In the text of the poem, color est and pluribus unus was mentioned to describe the mixture of colors in one. This motto was well known to 18th-century American literaries. It appeared in Gentleman’s Magazine , published monthly in London since 1731 . The caption E pluribus unum was used on the title pages of the annual volumes that contained a collection of the magazine’s twelve annual issues. [ 1 ]

Mongaguá Coat of Arms

It also appears on the Mongaguá coat of arms . [ 2 ] It is the motto of the Portuguese football team Sport Lisboa e Benfica and the Civil Police of Minas Gerais (DEOESP).

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