What is and how to use Google Smart Lock on my Android device?

The Google Smart Lock for Android is a manager that you can take advantage of a lot , since for the versions of this operating system it represents two different activities that you only have to configure.

But first, you need to know exactly what the Smart Lock is (in its two presentations), how it works, and how you can actually use it on your Android device.

What is known as Google Smart Lock for Android?

As you have already read, for Android there are two functionalities that are known as Smart Lock and although both are aimed at managing certain content, there is a considerable difference between them.

The Smart Lock

When it comes to the Smart Lock for Android, with nothing added to its name, Google uses the term for a feature based on a mobile smart lock system.

What does this mean? Well, it allows you to adjust or determine certain special and specific blocking parameters , for example, related to the location in which it is located or when it is linked to certain devices.

This functionality seeks to optimize the use of Smartphones without affecting its security mechanisms, so each user can decide the most pertinent configuration according to their case.

Smart Lock for passwords

The other aspect of Google Smart Lock for Android is aimed at managing the passwords that are kept synchronized with your Google account , regardless of the device in question.

This operates by storing the passwords and users in your account, so when you start Chrome with it and access any website, it will ask you if you want to remember the passwords for this or use the already saved ones.

How to use the Google Smart Lock?

When it comes to the Smart Lock related to the locking mechanism, you just have to go to the “Settings” of your device, to find and select the section for “Security”.

Now, in some devices you will have to access another section called “Device Security”, although in some versions you can skip this step and go to the option “Smart Lock”.

It is also possible that your device has another distribution and changes the location of the mode a bit, so, to facilitate your task, you can use the special settings search engine and type “Smart Lock” to find it.

Before proceeding, the system may ask you to enter your PIN or access password, as it is a security measure that you must pass to make the relevant changes.

After this, you will have the opportunity to view the options offered by the Google Smart Lock for Android, so you only have to select the one you want to implement and continue configuring it.

Among the available modalities you will have those related to “Transport detection” or movement, the specific one for “Trusted places” and the one that allows you to add “ Trusted devices ”, some mobiles will also show the “Voice  Mach”.

Smart Lock for passwords

To use the Google Smart Lock for Android in the field of passwords, you have to open the “Settings” and look down until you can click on the “Google” tab , which is usually at the end.

In this new window the option “Smart Lock for passwords” will be located, just inside the ” Security and location ” section. From here you only have to activate this function.

Similarly, you will have the opportunity to view and manage all the passwords that are already linked to your account, edit and delete them are some of the actions you can take.

To complete this, you have to click on the link called “Google Accounts”, which is located in a section called “Saved passwords”, so the window will be updated until the “Password manager”


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