What is and how to play MP4 video format on Windows PC?

29 may 2020

Next, we are going to see what it is and how to play an MP4 video format on Windows PC in a simple way. You will no longer have to deal with problems to reproduce this format and any other.

We are going to recommend a few methods so that you can play any video, be it in MP4, MKV, AVI format, etc. In this way you can play any kind of video, film or series that you want to view.

To be more precise, we are going to see three methods that will help you to solve the problem of MP4 files. Although before we will see what exactly this format is and the advantages that it can offer us.

What is the MP4 format?

The MP4 format is in a nutshell a container that has a set of audio, tracks and video which are united in this container. It is a digital video format that includes the ISO / IEC 14496-1: 2001 standards.

Also known as MPEG-4 , we end up with a file that has a .mp4 extension. What is achieved with this format is a total optimization in terms of audio and video that has no other format, achieving a high quality video, but with a reduced weight.

An MP4 file can weigh up to 16 times less than another file, for example: MKV. Which is a considerable amount, while maintaining a fairly decent quality , although not equal to what we can find in MKV formats.

How to Play MP4 Video on Windows

Currently the MP4 format is quite popular and is played by most devices. However, you may have problems playing it on your computer and this has a few fairly simple solutions to carry out.

We will first see a method to update the player that comes by default in Windows. In case you want to download a better one, we recommend you jump to the last method where you can find a powerful video player for any format in Windows.

Method 1: Update Windows

  • The first thing is to try to update the Windows Media Player . For this we are going to go to ” Start ” or press the ” Windows ” key on your keyboard.
  • Now you will have to type ” Windows Update “.
  • After this you will have to click on ” Check for updates “.
  • If you find updates you will have to install them all.

Method 2: Download codecs

Another option is to install K-Lite Codec which is ideal for playing not only the MP4 format but many others . It is simple since you must download it from its website . Once downloaded, all you have to do is install it like any other program.

Method 3: Download VideoLan

The last option and I think it is the most recommended is to download VideoLan or VLC for Windows . This player has a huge variety of codecs and is considerably better than Windows Media Player.

Possibly the best player we have available for Windows, it is totally free and you can download it from here . If you have trouble playing MP4 format or any kind of format. VLC is the solution to those problems.

Then you will simply have to go to the file you want to play, right click and “Open with” select VLC and configure it to be the default. In this way all the MP4 files will be played with this great Windows player.

We have already talked on several occasions about everything that can be done with VideoLan, from converting WAV files to MP3 or putting a video in the background with VLC . There are many things that this powerful player can offer us.

Remember that if you still have any kind of doubt about how to play MP4 format in Windows you can leave it in the comment box that you will find a little further down.


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