What is and how does the Pocket WiFi work and does it differentiate the SIM card?

The use of new technologies has made possible the development of our world, the implementation of technology in our lives makes everything easier. With the arrival of computers and the digital world , teams have been created that are very important to our lives.

The internet especially has become an essential tool that we need to have access to most of the time. This is because it has served to connect all people as well as the amount of information that we can find available.

Either for work reasons to access social networks or simply to investigate a topic that we are not aware of, it is important and necessary to have an internet connection . The access we have today is very good, from our electronic devices such as Smartphone, tablets or computers we can do it very easily.

What is and how does Pocket Wifi work and does it differentiate the SIM card?

Thanks to internet providers we can have internet in our homes, also from our mobile devices, with a data plan we can do it wherever we go.

On the other hand, when we decide to go on a trip to a place where our mobile service provider has no reach, such as outside the country, it is impossible for us to access the Internet. We can do it through a local Wifi network to which we have access, but this does not happen in all cases.

If we need to leave the place for any reason, we will leave the range of the Wi-Fi network, consequently we will lose access. If we are a person who needs to have access to the internet all the time, this represents a great inconvenience for us.

But we do not have to worry, thanks to the growth of technology, alternatives have been developed to solve small inconveniences like these. Nowadays we can count on devices like the Pocket Wifi or SIM card which give us access to the internet wherever we go.

How does Pocket Wifi and SIM card work?

These are alternatives with which we can connect and enter the internet in an easy and simple way. The Pocket WiFi is an electronic device , usually the size of a cell phone, we can take it with us anywhere, since it is very practical and portable.

A Pocket Wifi sends a wifi signal which can be received by the devices that are in its range and by means of an access key we can link them. Its range can vary according to its capacity between 10 to 15 meters and connect several devices at the same time.

On the other hand, the SIM card or rather the SIM card for tourists is a chip , like the one provided by our mobile service operator. This card is inserted in the same space where the SIMCARD of our operator is placed .

By means of a SIM card for tourists we can have internet access anywhere in the world we visit. It is highly recommended for people who travel outside the country and require internet access at all times.

How does Pocket Wifi work and does it differentiate the SIM card?

With the Pocket WiFi we can access the internet wherever we are in a very easy way, we just have to turn it on and on our devices we search for available wifi networks. Here we can see that a new network will appear when the Pocket Wifi is turned on.

In the case of having it encrypted, we put the key on the device we want to connect and voila, we will have internet. Among the differences that stand out the most compared to the SIM card for tourists we can find.

The Pocket Wifi takes up more space and the SIM card is inserted in our device . The Pocket Wifi is more expensive than the SIM card, but both offer good service.

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In summary, it should be noted that both the Pocket Wifi and the SIM card fulfill the same function and perform a quality service. Their main difference is size and cost.


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