What is and how does Facebook Shop work – Open your shop on Facebook

Facebook is a platform that has millions of users worldwide, therefore it is a powerful and influential tool for digital marketing; So, if you have a business or brand, create and activate a Facebook store with Facebook Shop , which will help you grow in these difficult times.

But if you are not yet familiar with the process of creating an online store within the Facebook social network, we present this tutorial that will explain what Facebook Shop is and how it works, the new online store that is revolutionizing the way of shopping; open your store on Facebook today.

What is and How does Facebook Shop work – Open your Shop on Facebook

What is Facebook Shop?

It is a virtual store within your Facebook business profile where you can publish and display your products, providing the customer with convenience and speed when buying; because users who are interested in an article will be able to manage the purchase from Facebook with just a few clicks.

Facebook Shop was created with the aim of creating a virtual version of the physical store. That is, it allows you to take your physical store to social networks and to be able to sell products on Facebook Shop so that you have a greater impact among people and thus increase your sales despite the current economy.

It is possible that you think that Facebook Shop does not offer you practical or innovative tools to grow your business; But don’t be fooled, this online store comes with new functions linked to Instagram and WhatsApp (social networks that have millions of users). These great features will be released in the coming months to revolutionize e-commerce.

How does Facebook Shop work?


Opening a store on Facebook is free and simple, you only need to have a Facebook business page (you cannot open a store in your personal profile), accept the terms and conditions for entrepreneurs, link a bank account, have a tax identity number and own the products you offer physically; (some of these requirements vary by country).

Using a series of templates and tools you can customize the appearance of your store with colors and a cover image that identifies your brand. You can also create a spectacular store by adding new products to your store , formulating a catalog and organizing products in collections and categories.

When an order is requested, Facebook will send you a notification and once the purchase is complete, you must send the package within the next three business days through companies that guarantee monitoring and confirmation of product delivery.

You can charge for your products through a Stripe or PayPal account , you can also use the bank account that you linked to your Facebook Shop profile. But keep in mind that when using Stripe or PayPal you will be charged a percentage per transfer.

It is important that you know two things that you can only make shipments in the country where you live and Facebook Shop will not charge any commission for the sales made, which means greater profit for the seller.


Customers can easily view the products featured on the Facebook Shop while checking their Facebook profile, from banner advertisements or directly from stories posted by the company.

If a user is interested in a product, he can click on the image of that product to obtain more details and if he wishes to buy it, he must click on the button «Check on the website» ; then it will immediately redirect you to that seller’s online store to complete the purchase. Then the client will be able to specify the payment methods of Facebook Shop , to feel secure in their purchase.

If you place an order by mistake or you regret having placed it, you can cancel your order if it has not yet been marked as shipped, but this must be within 30 minutes of placing the order. After completing the payment of the product, it will reach your hands within the next 10 days .

If you have any questions or want to contact the seller, the creators of Facebook Shop are creating a function to be able to contact the seller through WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram Direct and these functions will be available very soon.

Open your store on Facebook and start using Facebook Shop now, the online store that is revolutionizing the way you shop online. In Facebook Shop you can grow your company and increase your profits from the comfort of your home or business.


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