What is an SSD and why is it going to be so important in PS5 and Xbox Series X video games

There is already a price and release date for PS5 and Xbox Series X and it is inevitable to talk about which one will offer better performance . In the absence of seeing them in progress, a comparison of the technical characteristics of PS5 and Xbox Series X can already be made , where the most striking difference has to do with the internal capacity of both consoles . Sony’s console features an 825GB expandable NVMe SSD with 5.5GB / s speed, while Series X has a 2.4GB per second 1TB SSD. Today we explain what an SSD is and why it is important in the next generation of consoles.

What is an SSD: Differences from HDD

The acronym SSD refers to Solid State Drive or what is the same solid state drive and it is effectively a type of storage device like HDD (Hard Drive Disk) . Its use has become more widespread in recent years because it is a unit that allows better read and write speeds due to its components. Its great virtue is that it uses non-volatile memory such as NAND flash memory to store data on chips, so it works in a very different way than conventional hard drives.

HDD and SDD components.

Why is it faster than HDD ? HDD is a hard disk that has permanent data storage unlike SSD flash memory. It is made up of mechanical parts in the form of discs that have to rotate for data processing. This is called magnetic recording, and you spend more time searching for the information. However, SSDs eliminate that mechanical component, as it is made up of chips . It has no moving parts, so they are more efficient. The SSD stores data on microchips that are interconnected, which means that they have direct access to the files they have to read or retrieve. While the HDD has to spin its disks to find the data.

But also, while the information on HDD is permanently physically on the disk, the SSD replaces it with a processor or controller to perform all the required actions. This speed makes SSDs very useful for transferring large amounts of information at the same time as in video games. The difference in size between the two units is also striking. SSDs measure 2.5 inches compared to 3.5 that HDDs can measure. Therefore, SSDs are lighter and less vulnerable to drops or shocks . The mechanical components of the HDD can be damaged more easily, damaging the files inside.

In conclusion, the composition of SSDs make them much more durable and have more efficient performance. The chips have instant access to data, so in the long run the disk works less. In general, the HDD can overheat due to its mechanical parts that are always in motion. So SSDs consume less power , which will depend on the chips you use. It will also have a direct effect on video games both to reduce loading times and improve performance or the rate of frames per second. The flash memory of SSDs perform all these actions in a more efficient way.


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