What is an MSI file and how to open one?

Windows is one of the most used operating systems around the world due to the characteristics it has that make it one of the best options that you can apply to your pc. Hence, you always keep your Windows in good condition and know everything you need regarding the ways to make it work in the best way and today we have come to talk about that.

We are going to tell you a little about what an MSI file is and the advantages of knowing this feature of your Windows to improve its performance, however you can also learn to improve performance in Windows 10 . We will also show you how to open these types of files so that you will not have problems in the future when you want to use an MSI file.

What are MSI files?

The files named MSI are installation files that Microsoft uses for its Windows operating system as part of the system program installation or update process . Without packages that contain the necessary information so that the system can be updated or repaired correctly and are generally downloaded automatically if you have the option activated.

However, these files can be downloaded manually and opened on your PC without problems, since Microsoft itself uses this file extension to distribute system updates that users can download and install on their computers that are usually related with library files or resource components of some system program.

Downloading these files is very useful and can greatly improve the performance of your pc, since each update incorporates improvements in the software and adds new functions to your operating system that you can take advantage of in the best way. On the other hand you can know the performance of my PC using the Winsat command.

Microsoft is always releasing updates to improve the experience of its operating system users so using these files to improve your pc is something that you can apply in the event of having some kind of problem with your Windows.

How to open an MSI file?

Opening an MSI file is not complicated since you just have to click on it and it will open automatically if you are on a PC with Windows operating system, but if for some reason it does not open you must go to Microsoft technical support to solve this problem as soon as possible as that can lead to more problems in the future.

In the same way, we are going to tell you a little about the programs that can open these types of files that are present on your pc by default.

Microsoft Windows Installer

This program is an update installation engine developed by Microsoft for its Windows operating system to correctly install the MSI packages in the operating system, which are the packages where the data that the system needs to update is stored.

This program already comes by default in all Windows operating systems so it does not need to be downloaded and it is the one that is mostly used to open and install the MSI files on the computer.


This program is an open source file archiver developed by Igor Pavlov for the Windows operating system and capable of opening many types of files including MSI files.

This program will provide you with more tools apart from being able to open these files that may be useful if you work with programming, an advantage of this program is that being open source it is completely free and you can download it from its official website without any problem.

We hope this article has been useful for you to learn a little about MSI files and how to open them on your PC. We hope you always maintain that attitude of wanting to know more about the things that surround you and especially the things that you always use, such as your pc.


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