What is ADSE and who are the beneficiaries?

If you work for the State, did you know that you can take advantage of a health protection plan? This is the ADSE, which provides a network of medical care at more affordable prices to its beneficiaries. In this article we show you the benefits of this system, who can be its holders and also how to access ADSE Direta.

What is ADSE?

ADSE, formally called the Institute for Disease Protection and Assistance, IP (ADSE, IP), ensures that state employees enjoy a health protection scheme.

This Institute includes a network of contracted providers that allows its beneficiaries to have access to health care at more affordable prices than if they resorted to private clinics or hospitals.

The ADSE network has more than 1600 providers in 3800 locations across the country, thus providing its members with access to a wide range of services and medical specialties.

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Who’s entitled?

Beneficiary holders are entitled to ADSE, that is, people who, by virtue of their professional position, can access this system, as well as family members with a certain degree of kinship with these holders.


To be a holder of ADSE, you must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • To be a worker with a legal relationship of public employment of the central, regional and local administration and not to benefit from another health system integrated in the Public Administration;
  • Be a teacher of private and cooperative education, provided that there is an agreement between the employer


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