What is a Wallbox charger system?

If you are in the world of electric cars, it is more than possible that you have heard of Wallbox chargers, a very efficient way to recharge our vehicle. This is a very interesting option for the purpose of improving the charging stations that we can find on a daily basis, this time from our own home. But what is it really about and why has it become so popular ?

The Wallbox, the best solution for charging at home

It seems obvious, but without the proper electric car charger, this class of vehicles (the 100% pure and plug-in hybrids) could hardly start running using their battery when it is not sufficiently charged. And it is that, in an increasingly green planet in which society begins to worry about its well-being, sustainable mobility is beginning to take hold.

As a consequence of this, the interest in this class of cars is already very important in our days, which is growing at an unstoppable rate. For all the above, we are not surprised that the public begins to be interested in everything related to them. And in your case, we find a fundamental element: the Wallbox chargers .

These, as such, are the ones used in our homes . Basically, to recharge the battery of any type of these cars, we will need a cable, a connector and a plug that, if you want it to be installed at home and be fast charging , is called a wallbox.

What are they

As the word says, they are charging points for electric cars permanently installed on a wall , which are connected to the vehicle through a cable. These stations, usually semi-fast charging, are compatible with all electric cars.

In addition, they adapt to any installation, whether in a private garage or in a community parking lot. As we say, they are the ones that are equipped for use in our homes , which is what differentiates it mainly from those for public use that we can find daily on our streets.

In your case, it thus has a connector always powered by alternating current , which is the most common type in homes because it is generated more easily and is transported better, and it does so both in single-phase mode (a single circuit) and three-phase (installation distributed in three circuits). For its part, a wallbox has all the necessary protective equipment to guarantee maximum safety and adjust to the power that the car needs at all times. The energy supplied reaches 22 kW, which means a charge nine times faster than with a domestic plug.

What are its advantages

Likewise, they are also very characteristic because they can have several added functions. Among them, for example, those of being able to control electricity consumption and expense or the possibility of programming recharging (although some cars already offer it).

In addition, and if charging is carried out in a community garage, these Wallbox chargers can also be activated by card or key. Another of their great advantages is that they also adjust the load intensity, which allows it to be reduced when there are many electrical equipment connected to an electrical network at the same time.

In the same way, if there are no connected equipment in the home, the power is increased to charge the car more quickly . This is known as Dynamic Power Control. Another very interesting aspect to consider is what it does to schedule the recharge, which is a good way to take advantage of certain hours where energy is cheaper, making it possible to save on our bill. With this variety of charging intensity, we also help to extend the useful life of our battery since we use Mode 3 charging. The time spent is not too long.

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