What Is A VPS And What Can We Use It For

There is no cloud, only other people’s computers ” is a maxim that summarizes quite well what the cloud is, although it simplifies it to such an extent that it reduces it to a minimum expression that ends up not reflecting an undeniable reality of the cloud. The same cloud: that the cloud are computers of companies that offer this service, with all the guarantees such as privacy and data protection .

And these computers can be hired in several ways, although the one that ends up coming out the most is the virtual private server, better known by the acronym in English of VPS ( virtual private server ).

Obviously, we can also have an exclusive physical server for us, but taking into account the power of the hosted machines and their cost, generally for most of the projects we have, and they go from a web page to a business intelligence system , only we will need a part of this physical server.

That is why, using virtualization technology , several virtual machines run in parallel on a single server, with services such as backups and system updates, which we can manage at will.

Another advantage of virtual private servers is that their capacities are scalable according to our needs ; We can scale them dynamically by expanding them at times when we require peak traffic or a greater capacity of memory, storage or computing power, then return them to their previous state, or even reduce their performance if the application or service that we use in them does not demand as much as we had originally planned and, consequently, we had contracted, which ends up being reflected in a decrease in the monthly fee to pay.

Finally, VPS are a great advantage over the services that are contracted to carry out a specific task, such as, for example, an account to make a web page, or maintain a file server, since we can give it the use we want or multiple uses at the same time .

Some ideas to take advantage of a VPS server

¿ What is VPS ? We must see them as machines connected and available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, which can host services and content accessible from anywhere in the world.

The most typical use of these servers are web pages, which thanks to the nature of the VPS itself, can be expanded with discussion forums, file download services, or other utilities to suit the client, which puts them above a standard website hosting service, which is always limited by what it offers to all other customers who hire it.

From here, the universe of applications is infinite and covers all the facets that we can imagine of a computer: video game server for groups of friends and clans or eSports teams, corporate application server, setting up the server of our own business of creation of web pages, file hosting, remote backup copies, setting up your own virtual private network (VPN) server …

Even, using imagination, we can set up our own videoconference server (we can use software such as Jitsi’s, which is free) to guarantee the maximum privacy of our virtual meetings, or a remote desktop server , so that we can work with our applications, settings and even with a detail such as the personalized wallpaper, from anywhere in the world without having to carry a specific computer.

Advantages of OVHcloud

There are many companies that offer this service, but we must know how to choose those that offer a fair price for an efficient configuration, leaving aside those offers with prices for the floors that, in return, place us in overcrowded servers with a bandwidth and benefits limited by the fine print of a contract that they have led us to sign attracted by an advertisement that only highlights the -few- virtues of the service.

In contrast to these, OVHcloud offers high-performance equipment based on Intel architecture , considered the best on the market, with NVMe SSD storage units (the fastest and most efficient) and availability of both Microsoft Windows and GNU / Linux systems, without inbound and outbound traffic limitations .

In addition, we have the possibility of hiring extras such as an IP corresponding to a geographical area other than the one in which we are located, or automatic load balancing to anticipate peaks in demand in the service.

Starting at € 4.60 per month plus VAT for the simplest configuration, OVHcloud offers a price scale on its VPS, depending on the number of virtualized cores we want for our server, RAM memory, storage, and bandwidth. .


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