What is a Pin Flower?

A flower pin is a fashion accessory that can be worn, among other things, as a bodice to add charm to a dress, or as a hair ornament to highlight a hairstyle. Pin flower can be made from fresh flowers or dried flowers. They can also be made of different materials such as tulle, silk, lace, velvet, or they can be made with gold, silver, amber, pearls, rubies, sapphires and other precious stones.

Such flower pins can be purchased at accessory stores, jewelry stores and antique stores, and, depending on the type and design, it can be collectible and quite expensive. It is also possible to make a pin at home and there are many online tutorials showing how this can be done. The materials for making the pins are generally available at most craft stores for very reasonable rates. Discarded fabric scraps, beads and so on can also be used to shape an interesting flower pin.

Wearing a flower pin individually or in groups can infuse a simple black and white dress with elegance and glamor. To liven up the atmosphere, it can help bring the pins in bright colors. While flower pins are often pinned to the shoulder, lapel, neckline and waist, they can also be worn in a variety of other creative ways.

Colored flowers can be used to pin skirts and wrap-around dresses. They can be worn with a ribbon on the neck. They can be attached to a wrapper or a shawl. For more casual wear, a flower brooch can be stuck to a shirt, shirt, jacket or sweater. Pins can also adorn a hat, be attached to a belt or straps, or used to decorate top shoes. Bags and purses can be embellished with floral pins.

It is important not to overdo things though. A flower brooch cannot be as effective with a frilly dress as with a dress with simple lines. Likewise, an elaborate excess hairdo cannot work with a frilly hair ornament. It will also help consider whether long necklaces or earrings will work with a flower brooch, or are best left out.

In addition to being fashion accessories, flower pins can be worn to make a social or political criticism or to indicate belonging to a particular group or to commemorate an event. In Britain, Canada and many western countries, for example, there is a practice of wearing red poppy pins. These indicate the blood shed by soldiers in various wars, and the thorns of flowers are worn in remembrance and support.

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