What Is a Mandate of Submission?

In a trading company, sales activities to buyers do not escape the name of the mandate of delivery or delivery orders. A delivery order is a document that functions as a delivery order for goods to the bearer of the letter or goods that have been ordered.

The delivery order is explained as complete details containing information about the shipment, and generally takes the form of official documents placed on company letterhead. When the goods are sent, the mandate of delivery serves to explain to whom the goods will be sent, how the goods will be sent, the special needs needed for delivery, and when the goods must be sent. This information is important because shipping is one of the most important aspects in the sales process.

In fact, the mandate of delivery is only evidence of the item’s shipping details. At present, many are sending submissions via email, because technology has slowly erased the paper submissions.

The Mandate of Submission Functions

The mandate of surrender in buying and selling activities has the following functions:

  • As a form of official statement of the purchase of goods from the seller to the buyer.
  • Provide details of the items to be sent to the buyer.
  • As proof that the goods have been received by the buyer through the signature specified in the delivery order.


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