What is a K extract or Kbis extract?

A Kbis extract or K extract is a document that serves as the identity card of a company.

The Kbis extract gathers the important information of a company and indicates among other things its company name .

Each company has a unique Kbis extract or K extract.

Who can get a Kbis extract or K extract?

The Kbis extract, or K extract, only concerns companies registered on the Trade and Companies Register (RCS), therefore companies which carry out a commercial activity.

The Kbis extract or K extract does not apply to craftsmen or liberal professions .

Difference between Kbis extract and K extract

The terms Kbis extract and K extract are not actually interchangeable because they refer to different documents. They are intended for different people.

The K extract is intended for individuals . Therefore, micro-entrepreneurs with a commercial activity must therefore obtain a K extract.

The Kbis extract is intended for legal persons . A commercial company must therefore obtain a Kbis extract.

What does a Kbis extract or K extract consist of?

The Kbis extract or K extract is a document that brings together the main information about a company.

The following information is included in this extract:

  • The social reason
  • The SIREN number (identification number) and NAF code
  • The legal status
  • Headquarters address
  • Detailed activity
  • Website
  • Information concerning the identity of the principal manager, the directors and the auditors
  • The name of the registry office
  • Authorization to practice the regulated profession , if necessary

If your company is a commercial company, the extract will therefore be a Kbis extract and will also contain:

  • The amount of share capital
  • The duration of the company,
  • The date of incorporation

In addition, the Kbis extract also contains the decisions of the commercial court concerning the company. Thus, if the company is in liquidation , this will be specified on the extract.

How to get a K extract or Kbis extract?

Obtaining the Kbis extract is the consequence of the company’s registration in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS).

This registration is mandatory and must be done when creating the company.

It is carried out with the commercial court at a cost between 25 and 40 euros.

Request for Kbis extract / K extract from a third party company

Any natural or legal person can request to obtain the Kbis extract or K extract from one of the companies listed on the Trade and Companies Register (RCS) for a cost.

This request must be made to the commercial court, by mail, or online via the infogreffe site . Its cost is around 3 euros.

What is the Kbis extract / K extract used for?

For the company that owns it, the Kbis extract or the K extract is the only document that proves its legal existence.

Typically, this extract is requested during numerous administrative procedures, or in certain situations such as during a call for tenders for a public contract .

For it to be considered valid, the Kbis extract or K extract must be less than 3 months old .

For third parties, obtaining the Kbis extract or K extract of a company can be a way to ensure its existence, or to verify that it is not in liquidation. .


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