What is a Custom Officer and how to become a Custom Officer?

If you also want to fulfill your responsibilities as a customs officer in the interest of your country and want to become a government officer, then the candidates are looking for a good future in the customs department. Recruitment to this department is done almost every year on the basis of Custom Officer. But you also need to know about it.

Like, what is a Custom Officer, how to become a Custom Officer, what is the qualification to become a Custom Officer, what to do to become a Custom Officer, selection process, Custom Officer work, age limit, preparation of Custom Officer Will explain in detail about how to do and salary etc.

But the dream of every Indian youth is that he can also get a government post as a Custom Officer, but some candidates do not know how to achieve success in this department.

Many young people prepare for years, yet they do not feel successful, while some young partners do their preparation in such a smart way that they get success in the first place itself. If you also want to become a custom officer in this department, then definitely read the article from beginning to end.

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What is a Custom Officer? (What is Custom Officer)

There is a kind of tax levied on import and export of goods originating in our country, which acts as customs officer, their purpose is to control import-export and also to check the entry of prohibited and restricted goods. Its function is

In India, it was enacted in 1962 under the Act, which is a kind of tax, this department is functioning under the Government of India. As a Customs Department, very important responsibilities have to be performed on the post officers.

Let me tell you, if any kind of illegal smuggling or smuggling is not done by the Custom Officer, then his post is full of responsibility. If seen, the Custom Officer function is to check prohibited items and prohibit illegal items.

How to become a custom officer? (How to become Custom Officer)

If you also want to become a custom officer, then you have to go through the civil services exam. Which is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission under the Government of India. But there are many types of posts in this department too. Those who want to get a government post as a Custom Officer, then it is definitely necessary that they have to do a good reprint in the study as they have to do their work.

If any candidate wants to become a custom officer as a government post, then it is important for them that what is the qualification to get this post in this department, if you do not know then you are telling below. So let’s know.

By the way, the job as a Custom Officer is held in different positions, such as Custom Inspector, Tax Assistant, Assistant Commissioner, Preventive Officer, Custom Clearance, Case Processing, Commercial Executive, Import Officer.

If you can apply for different posts mentioned by us as a Custom Officer, but there are different qualifications for these posts to become a Custom Officer. So let’s know below.

Qualification for Custom Officer

It is extremely important for the candidates to fulfill the qualifications that have been prescribed to become Custom Officers. It is also necessary to know about whom. Which is like this.

To become a Custom Officer, it is mandatory for you to pass a Bachelor Degree with 55% marks in any recognized university and any stream. Also, you must be an Indian citizen as every Custom Officer who works under the Government of India. Also, the candidate should be physically and mentally healthy.

  • The minimum age limit for general category candidate should be between 21 years to 28 years.
  • While 3 years relaxation is given for OBC category and 5 years relaxation for SC / ST as per rules.

Note: – To become a Custom Officer, physical qualification is required for Height-157.5 Cm and Chest-81 Cm.

What to do to become a Custom Officer

Now this question must be coming in the mind of every candidate, what is the exam to become a Custom Officer, but to become a Custom Officer, you have to take the exam in 2 steps. Which are mentioned below. Which is how …

  1. Preliminary Examination
  2. Mains Examination

Preliminary: There are two papers in the form of Civil Service Aptitude Test, objective type questions of 200 marks are asked in each paper. In this exam, you are asked questions related to General Knowledge, Current Affairs, National, International, India History, Geography, Economic, Social Development, Reasoning, Maths and English etc.

Main Examination: If you have passed the Civil Service Aptitude Exam then you are called for the Main Examination. There are 9 papers based on this Civil Service Examination. All these papers are on descriptive or descript type basis.

Now you have to work well in the Custom Officer base. Only then can you pass this exam. This paper is based on the intellectual abilities, knowledge etc. of the candidates.

Interview: If you pass both the written tests then after that you are called for an interview in which you are assessed as a personality related to intelligence, abilities, qualities, values.

If you pass the steps mentioned by us, then the central government is selected on the basis of the custom officer. Which is a matter of pride for you as you can get a responsible post as a custom under the Indian government.

How to Prepare Custom Officer

If you also want to become a custom officer, then for this we are going to tell you some tips in easy language, knowing that you can get success by preparing for it. So let’s know. which is like this.

  • First of all it is very important to have all the information related to this department. Also, there should be timely information.
  • You should keep reading all the old question papers based on the custom officer so that you can get knowledge about it.
  • To become a custom officer, the candidate should study on the basis of syllabus so that the preparation can be done well.
  • Along with you, it is very important to have complete information related to current affairs, general knowledge etc.
  • If you want, you can also prepare for the interview separately, which increases your knowledge. Which is a good sign for you.
  • If you want, you can also search the information related to the Custom Department on the Internet, which gives you a good facility.
  • Any candidate should read the time table to prepare for the custom exam.

If you study based on some tips given by us, then you can succeed in becoming a Custom Officer.

Custom Officer Functions

Let us tell you, where does the Custom Officer also go to the Customs and Excise Officer in this department. Because it is working at important places like airports, ports etc. and search has to be done in potential and criminal areas.

Searching for any smuggled goods and persons, as well as arresting the suspects and checking the documents related to any important goods.

As Customs Officer, it is the responsibility of the Customs authorities to ban illegal import-export works and to stop the prohibited works and to stop illegal activities according to animals, extinct species of birds.

Salary of custom officer

For your information let us know, there are many posts as a Custom Officer and the salary for these posts also varies but the candidate who gets any post in this department gets very respectable salary for that.

Nevertheless, an officer working in a custom post gets a salary scale of Rs 25,000 to Rs 42,000 per month. Apart from what is considered a good salary, other benefits are also given by the government.


So friends, through this article we told you about Custom Officer. Such as, what is a custom officer and how to become, qualification to become a custom officer, selection process, work of a custom officer, age limit, what to do to become a custom officer, how to prepare for the custom, and how much the salary of the custom officer would have been Have told about Adi.

We hope that after reading this article till the end, how do you become a Custom Officer? Must have got complete information about Apart from this, if you still have any questions or suggestions related to this, then you can tell us in the comments.

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